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Zombies in the Tent - by Mad-Duck-Falls-Down

Zombies in the Tent

That eerie morning after, no one wished more than the zombies that Apple Kid had invented 'Pretty Girl Paper' instead.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by Mad-Duck-Falls-Down

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Mad-Duck-Falls-Down 3 Li'l Ghosts
Possessed in a frightening manner?! Oh crap!
11/6/08 0.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Cave to the Past
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 11 Feb 2008

I made this for the 2008 calendar, but I guess not enough people participated and the project was never completed. Well, there's always next year!
1/30/08 10.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down EB Shirt No. 1
A shirt I made to promote EB at the SSBB release. Made with stencils and bleach!
3/13/08 0.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down EB Shirt No. 2
A shirt I made to promote EB at the SSBB release. I used stencils and dyes to make it!
3/13/08 0.00
Mad-Duck-Falls-Down Fighting The Nightmare
I had a birthday the week that the letters were delivered to Nintendo, so for months I had no idea it even happened. I just now found the video though... And I cried when I saw my envelope there, given so much attention. Thank you.

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11/1/07 10.00


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