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Zelda and Lucas - by Bluewolf

Zelda and Lucas

Just a weird sketch I did a while back. Zelda and Lucas encounter something SCARY I suppose.

Brawl Fanart!

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Bluewolf Summers to Scaraba
12/31/04 9.00
Bluewolf The King's Most Excellent Victory
Washing the dog can be quite the chore, even for a boy who has saved the world.
7/20/06 0.00
Bluewolf The King's Most Excellent Victory
Giving the dog a bath is a tough job. ^^
12/15/05 9.00
Bluewolf The Monster Smaaaash
Ness and co. in disguise, about to crash a Threed Monster Party.
10/12/07 10.00
Bluewolf The World's Greatest Bluesmen
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 3 Mar 2008

The Runaway Five!

I had to make up a lot of the details, working from those really small sprites of the characters in-game. So here they are just kind of lounging before a show in Twoson.

I hope I got everything right, those sprites are really hard to figure out XD
2/16/08 10.00


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