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Pokey... Sporified - by Zebesian

Pokey... Sporified

With all these Spore enemies and Mr. Saturns, I thought I'd try something different.

Other Submissions by Zebesian

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Zebesian 20 Years
The alien who destroyed himself for his mission, the child who never grew up, and the victim used as a puppet.
1/12/09 0.00
Zebesian 20 Years
Well... I resubmitted the correct pic almost immediately after submitting the old one. But it's been two months and the old image still remains. Sorry for the trouble...
3/18/09 0.00
Zebesian EarthBound Villains
Would you like to come be with us in the dark?
6/12/08 0.00
An MS Paint doodle that resulted in me having something to do tonight. I remade my pic from last year, except about 100 times better.... And in Paint...
3/18/09 0.00
Zebesian Heavily Armed Pokey
Pokey means business.
4/4/08 0.00


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