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Hello Jeff~! - by Shamanic Shaymin

Hello Jeff~!

Being the Jeff fangirl I am, I (Jigglypuff) jump in to take my picture taken with him. Alas, once I snapped this photo, Jeff went poof and disappeared. ;D

Other Submissions by Shamanic Shaymin

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Shamanic Shaymin At Least It's Not Happy-Happy Village
Always, always, they return Trick-Or-Treating to Threed every year. Why? Because zombies aren't as creepy as Happy-Happy Cultists.

Paula = Carrie White of Stephen King fame. (And hey, they're both psychic!)
Ness = Indiana Jones (Popular costume this year...)
Poo = Erik/The Phantom of the Opera. (Needless to say, the Dalaam girls still swoon over him)
Jeff = Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Plugging in a cameo appearance with my favorite Mother 1 characters Loid and Pippi, dressing up as the Scarecrow and Dorothy from the famed Wizard of Oz.
11/3/07 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin Blast Down the Wall!
Only you can properly handle the bazooka, Jeff! Hint: it helps picking it up. (This should end my massive upload spree now. XDD;;;)
11/24/08 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin Cabaret in my Mind
My mom commented Tony's hat looked like a cabaret hat, so that brought wild ideas there. Now we've got Tony in a suit, dancing onstage what used to be Jackie's Cafe at Moonside. Sounds like you shouldn't have left him alone so long, Jeff! Lyrics are from the song 'Spoiled and Rotten' by Darling Violetta.
8/19/08 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin Concentration
I don't have much to caption unless you're not Ness, in which case the best to say is "Uh oh."
11/24/08 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin Flowers Blooming in the Church
Ana dressed like Aeris from FF7, mainly 'cause I really like the design and thought it would look cute on her. I like Ana's dad, so I put him in playing the piano.

Stained glass from left-to-right: EVE on Mt. Itoi. Robot!Paula praying against Giygas. Pink Cloud of Dalaam. Buzz-Buzz and the Meteorite.
2/4/08 0.00


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