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Memoria Pg.17 - by Gekko and Meedee

Memoria Pg.17

Memoria1 - #17
It’s Winston’s birthday soon, Matty is still muddy, and Harriet is in teenager demand mode and is totally oblivious.

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Gekko and Meedee Memoria Pg.176
Memoria2 - #76
Of course, there being few gasoline-powered vehicles in this world, especially none that Tazmily would use, Fuel ironically doesn’t use fossil fuel for his car… Get ready, Tazmily is coming up!
7/16/11 0.00
Gekko and Meedee Memoria Pg.175
Memoria2 - #75
Being the gate keeper is a boring job, but Paul and Abbot don’t mind. Not like they have anything much better to do.
7/16/11 0.00
Gekko and Meedee Memoria Pg.174
Memoria2 - #74
The closer you get to home, the more familiar everything feels, like traveling back in time… Too bad Harriet is still a bit disrespectful at this point.
7/16/11 0.00
Gekko and Meedee Memoria Pg.173
Memoria2 - #73
Lucas listens, Fuel talks, Matty criticizes Harriet again, Harriet… um, we’ll get back to her later.
7/16/11 0.00
Gekko and Meedee Memoria Pg.172
Memoria2 - #72
Harriet doesn’t quite know how to act towards good looking older guys. Luckily, Fuel knows how to best deal with an awkward teenage girl: ignore her. If you were wondering, the popcorn-looking thing on Fuel’s mirror is a dolphin ossicle (ear bone), which reminds him of home, along with the feather of a red bird that does as well. Lastly, Roger might be a vaguely familiar character if you read M2: Harmony…
7/16/11 0.00


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