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What Is EarthBound? - by guruzeth

What Is EarthBound?

There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think that EarthBound is the best video game ever done, and those who think that EarthBound is a lame game that makes a lame attempt at humor and style.

What is EarthBound all about, really? Part of the reason why the game isn't widely known or liked is because Nintendo's advertising campaign tried to sell the game because of its humor. But the humor and the style that are such a part of EarthBound are only that, a part. EarthBound is more than a sitcom you play. EarthBound is a game that you really feel like you're in and you can really enjoy as you go. I've heard a thousand people say that they don't like EarthBound because the graphics aren't like Chrono Trigger. Are graphics everything in life? Can the prettiest graphics in the world make a bad game sell like wildfire? I point at such legendary games as The Lion King in reply. I thank the programmers for saving the memory space for gameplay. EarthBound is the most varied, wide open RPG in existence. It simultaneously keeps in line with a well-done story while allowing the freedom to do almost anything (plus the Teleport is a lot handier than having to go find your time machine or airship). It allows the player to say, "hey, before I do this, I'm going to go back and do this instead."

The naysayers (who are mainly comprised of people who have never played the game beyond Onett) tell me that EarthBound is stupid because it's centered around jokes and it's not your conventional fantasy RPG. That, however, is exactly what makes EarthBound such fun to play. I say EarthBound is not centered around jokes; it is centered around the improbable quest of four kids to save the world. The humor is what makes it so much easier to play; there is no long-lasting drudgery in EarthBound. The player can spend less time building levels and exploring dungeons and more time talking to people and exploring towns and other locations.

The EarthBound storyline is one of the most flawless around. Okay, so you can't really fight New Age Retro Hippies in the Streets or become robots, but can you learn mystical spells or travel in time destroying things without popping yourself out of existence? I challenge anyone to find a loophole in EarthBound's story.

Nowadays, most so-called RPG's play more like movies or "You pick the adventure" books. I very much hope that EarthBound 64 continues the EarthBound tradition of shunning the "norm" and presenting an extremely well-done RPG in a setting the player can get immersed in. Imagine what the N64 can do with such an idea!

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