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The war of the future compilations and originals - by Fobbio

The war of the future compilations and originals

For the past eight years I have dreamed of a sequel to my most favorite game ever. Recently my (and most everyone at dream has come true, but with somewhat of a price. Recently the Electronics Entertainment Expo was held in Los Angeles as a special treat Frieza (Zushiba) went as a spy of sorts for the community. His news was rather grim however as neither Mother 1 + 2 nor Mother 3 made an appearance at the show. It was also reported later that the feeling in Nintendo of America was quite grim regarding an encore appearance of our favorite series here in the states. With this news in mind there are two options for the community to take.

We can (as a community) sit idly by as our dreams for a stateside EarthBound are crushed like granite. I'm not sure about the rest of the community, but I intent to avoid this option like the plague.

We have, as a community raised 30,000 signatures and delivered one heck of an art album to NOA's door. These I believe represent the blood sweat and tears of every member of the community. As good a fight that we've fought thus far I believe that we can't give up under any circumstances. It's easy to say "I'm tired, let someone else do it"; but the fact is that every member of the community is needed in this endevour! It's true that five hundred consumers were the reason that Wind Waker was packaged with Orcarina of Time and the Master Quest. I don't see the fight for our beloved game as being so easy; it's true that the Super Nintendo version of EarthBound did fairly well in the states, but times have changed and with the console and the future handheld battlefields being drawn Nintendo simply can�t take the risks it could when it was the established owner of the market.

I have and will continue to support ShadowX and Jonk's (PK Call'n) plans to call in write letters and emails to the good people at Nintendo. The power that one person has in the American market place is grand. I plan to take this power and use it to the greatest extent and I encourage everyone to do the same. You have a voice and a goal in mind, let Nintendo hear your dream they'll be happy to rake in the cash I'm sure.

In conclusion, I hope every member in the community will take a strong stance and join me in the fight for our hopes and dreams!

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