Fan Books - While comics have their own allure, a few of the site's artists have made stories for children, either for school projects or just for fun. While the audience may be supposedly younger, anyone can easily enjoy these works for their art and setup. Why not go back a few years to the past and relive your childhood with these illustrated stories?


Sunshine in the Forest Whose Hat is This? Le Jour de Lucas How Master Belch Stole Christmas!

Want to make your own?:

Interested in seeing your own book here? A good story is more text-based, having one main image per page and relying on good storytelling skills to bring that scene to life. If this seems like something you can do, make up a few pages (a minimum of 5-6 are needed to be declared as an official Fan Book) and PM the comics staffer on the forums expressing your interest. Remember, the best qualities you can have for you and your book are:
  • A steady stream of updates
  • A good storyline
  • Artwork that shows some work put into it
  • Something to spice it up and set it apart from everything else
Remember, books aren't supposed to be all work, either. Have fun with what you make; that's the most important rule!



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