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PKSkyler Crank Dat Starman DX
pure boredom spawned this.....sorry that everythings not all that easy to hear, and thats its not a full version of the original song....
1/20/09 0.00
Tansunn Topolla Theater
Pretty much a straight cover with acoustic guitar added.
5/31/11 0.00
Skulryk Prelude to EB no Matsuri
Prelude to EB no Matsuri - MIDIs
3/27/05 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Pollyanna
Pollyanna from EarthBound Zero.
9/5/06 0.00
YumeMaxx Radio Play: "A Very Pokey Hallowe'en"
Pokey, Picky and Giygas sit in the Threed graveyard one Hallowe'en night and swap scary stories. Hilarity ensues. All characters are voiced by me (often poorly) and the BGM songs were remixed by me as well.
10/28/08 0.00
Mr.BaseballCap Trick or Treat, Pokey needs candy!
Pokey's trick or treating theme song
10/8/07 0.00
IWontGetOvertheDam RockBound - Pokey Means Business
Pokey Means Business

I worried about whether or not I did this song well enough to appease the mad fanbase behind it. Hope I did well.
4/3/09 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci A New Day
Plays when you leave Pokey and Picky's House. Goes right before the Onett Theme.
7/19/06 0.00
Mise The Hotel Song (Tab)
Plays during your Hotel visits. (ALSO HELP MAKE MORE FAN MUSIC UPDATES.)
12/3/09 0.00
Mise The Hotel Song (Tab)
Plays during your Hotel visits. (ALSO HELP MAKE MORE FAN MUSIC UPDATES.)
12/3/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Piggy Guys
Pig Mask Battle from Mother 3.

Who are these Piggy Guys?
12/20/08 0.00
Colonel Magicant (Piano)
Piano sheet music for the Magicant theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Jovis Gentle Rain
Piano by Amstrauz

(submitting this again because apparently I submitted after it told me I did something wrong? :( )
7/18/12 0.00
Kyosuke Paula's Theme
Paula's Theme (piano)
3/17/05 0.00
xfisjmg1 EarthBound Week
Parody of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies.
3/6/08 0.00



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