Fantography is a collection of photographs of all things related to the MOTHER Series. Most of the submissions showcase people's EarthBound/MOTHER merchandise collections. We also encourage you to submit EB/Mother cosplay photos, snap some pictures of real-life objects that resemble something from the MOTHER World, and any sightings of EarthBound merchandise you might see on TV or in movies. You can browse through the gallery to get a better idea on what to submit.

Note of Clarification: If you take a picture of something that you physically created yourself (clay models are a good example), it's considered Fan Art, not Fantography. Just something to keep in mind when you're out being a shutter bug.

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Take pictures of look-a-likes, your personal hoard of merchandise, cosplay, and tattoos! Anything that falls into those categories is accepted into Fantography.


Use this form to send us your submissions!

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Icon Pork Diner by With a Hint of Lemon
Icon Everdred Rollin' in the Bells by Absoltastic
Icon AC Monthly challenge by sh0rtpers0n
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