Fantography Guidelines:

Fantography is a snap, but here are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind when you're submitting something:

  • Only the following picture formats will be accepted: .jpg .png .gif
  • Resize your photography: Anything insanely large will be rejected. We recommend keeping the photo under 1024x768. If you don't know how to resize your pictures, check out our tutorial.
  • Photography must be related to EarthBound and the MOTHER series. It's always good idea to write an informative description to go along with your photo!
  • Swag pictures may only contain official MOTHER or Starmen.Net merchandise; no fake EarthBound Zero carts, please!
  • Do not submit anything containing offensive material.
  • Only submit pictures and screenshots that you have taken yourself. Images that you found on a search engine will not be accepted.

If you're new to the site and wonder why you can't submit your Fantography, it's because you need to register on's forum. Everything on this site is integrated with our forums, and it makes navigating easier for you and the staffers.

Enjoy, and Fuzzy Pickles!

Follow this link to submit.

Submit what now?:

You may be wondering what that fine line between Fan Art and Fantography is. Here's a quick bulleted list to show you what's what!

  • Photographed look-a-likes
  • Collection of MOTHER/EB memorabilia
  • Cosplay/costumes from the Mother series
Fan Art
  • photographs of 3-D artwork, made by yourself with the clear intent of being an EB sculpture
  • Manipulated photos (though there must be considerable work put on them, don't just draw over it quickly or paste an image in). Slight manipulations can be argued, as sometimes they help identify a lookalike (an example being here).
If you have any questions about what section you should submit to, feel free to PM either Buck Fever or Sith -- We'd be glad to help out!

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