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May 16, 2007:
Overall Winners announced!
May 15, 2007:
Compart Judged (woo)
Feb 24, 2007:
Handart Judged!

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Overall Awards

One First Place and one Runner Up for each of the following will be presented. Each First Place recipient will receive a Starman Super Figurine. Each Runner Up recipient will receive a Starman Figurine.

For the submitters who ooze raw talent
For submitters who obviously spent lots of time on their funfest submission(s) (this will NOT be judged on quantity alone!)
For the submitters who ooze raw brilliance got heart

Category Ultrawards

One First Place and one Runner Up for each of the following will be presented for each of the four categories. Each First Place recipient will receive a Starman Super Figurine. Each Runner Up recipient will receive a Starman Figurine.

For the submissions that channel the spirit of EarthBound most awesomely. This category is actually named in honor of Sephy's 'Urfbownd', an epic EarthBound song. There is no talent requirement here - even a fluke could win this (although it would have to be one heck of a fluke).
Rockin Ω
To the submissions with the widest variety of awesome. Unlimited Lumpia's 'Threed and the Great Bobsled' is a fantastic example of an entry with a lot of everything - it's ultra-EarthBoundy, well-themed, funny, a little offbeat, extremely stylish, and wonderfully detailed.

Category Awards

One First Place and one Runner Up for each of the following will be presented for each of the four categories. Each First Place recipient will receive a Starman Super Badge. Each Runner Up recipient will receive a Starman Badge.

To the submissions that makes me shoot chocolate milk out of my nose, even if I wasn't drinking chocolate milk. And we're talking "funny-ha-ha", not "funny-wtf-scary", for the record. Even though it's older than this website, Moondoggey's 'Answering Unanswered Questions' is a decent (though cheesy) example.
No anime drawings of Paula casting PSI Freeze here, folks. Weird, unexpected, bizarre, unique - the kind of stuff you don't see every day, at least not on Starmen.Net. toader's awesome Mr. Saturn suncatcher is a great example of something that could totally win this one.
Awe-inspiring, 'holy wow' kinda stuff like Libra's EarthBound Supremacy or popovich's 'Boo'.
To the submissions with style. Look at Hawien's 'sigh ko' (or any of his other work) for an idea of where we're going with this one. Don't just pull your work straight from EarthBound - give it new life, make it your own!
These submissions don't require mind-numbing artistry - they're just brilliant ideas with good (or even mediocre!) execution. serotoninzero's 'Pixelated' comes to mind - this doesn't necessarily require a lot of talent, just a good noodle and a little elbow grease. Mmmm, greasy elbow noodles.
It's the small things that make EarthBound great, and the same goes for these submissions. Take your cues from Queue's Onett Map or bundle's EB0 collage.
For the submissions that give off major holiday vibes.
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Here's the plan: I (reidman) will be the only judge. I think. If I decide to change this later I'll be sure to make an announcement, but for now I think I can handle it. I hope. Please don't submit really really long fanfics / games :(


Entries will be judged according to my personal taste, and based loosely on the guidelines found in the 'Categories' section. If an entry deserves to win first place for half the categories, it will. But, while an entry may be recognized for multiple awards, please note that no submitter may win more than one prize!

In the event that a submitter wins multiple awards, the prizes will 'cascade' - the First Place prize will go to the Runner Up, and the Runner Up prize will be awarded to an Honorable Mention.

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This year's Holiday Funfest prizes are so cool you'll wet yourself. You may or may not be aware that, many years ago, I commissioned the beautiful Meeellla to create gifts for the staff. She created models of a Starman DX and a Mr. Saturn and proceeded to stamp out a small army of them, which she painted and mailed to the staff. You can read more on our Starmen Resin Sculptures Page.

Fast forward three and a half years, and I'm sitting here thinking about the funfest. I glance casually at our bookcase and see the few remaining Starmen DX from the original batch, standing guard on one of our bookcases. And it hit me -- what a perfect prize for a Starmen.Net event!

Meeellla will be casting 22 Starmen, based off of the original Starmen DX that the staff received. For the record, note that they're not actually created yet (the pictures you see here are Photoshopped Starmen DX).

So, without further ado, I present to you the prizes for the 2006 Holiday Funfest!

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Funfest FAQs

December 13, 2006
Midnight (EST) of January 14, 2007
What is it?
The Funfest is a relatively ancient Starmen.Net tradition dating back to 1999. It's pretty much just a submission-fest -- people send holiday-themed EarthBound stuff into the site, we post it, sometimes there's dancing -- good times are had.
What's the point?
The goal here have some fun. Without doing anything at all, you can enjoy checking out some of the great stuff that the creative minds of EarthBound fans come up with. If you want to flex some creative/artistic muscle, then enter something! You can spend 5 minutes on it, or you can spend a month on it.
Since this is Starmen.Net's Holiday funfest, there are only two requirements - it has to have something to do with Mother/EarthBound (or Starmen.Net, at least), and it should have some kind of holiday connection -- Christmas, New Year's, Yom Kippur, whatever. If you need some ideas, you can check out the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

We get pretty much everything - the occasional Fanfic, tons of Fanart, too many Flukes, not nearly enough Fanimations, and once in a while even a Fan Game.

Submissions: You can submit as many entries as you want. But submitting a million entries won't get you anywhere unless at least one of them is very good, so put some thought and effort into it!

There's no limitation to your entry's filesize, but if it's too huge, you probably won't be able to upload it to Starmen.Net without some issues. In that case, you can stick it up on any site (I might recommend Dropsend) and send a PM to me (reidman) to tell me where to get it.

Content: Obviously, your entry shouldn't contain anything inappropriate for a site that has young visitors.

Prizes: As far as prizes go, you can only win one of each type of prize - so the most prizes you can win are one Starman, one Starman badge, and the Holiday Badge that everyone gets.
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