EarthBound Zero Easy Patch:

For a lot of people, EarthBound Zero isn't very fun because of the excessive level-grinding necessary, particularly during the early parts of the game. To help alleviate this problem, we've made a very small IPS patch that doubles the experience and the money you receive from enemies. According to some, this actually makes the game a little too easy, but for the first-time player, it's probably pretty decent.

You can download the patch here. To use the patch:
  1. You'll also need an EarthBound Zero ROM. This you'll have to get yourself.
  2. You'll need an emulator for NES games of course.
  3. Many emulators have an "auto-patching" feature. Read the emulator documentation for details.
  4. If you need to hard-patch the ROM, look for utilities like Lunar IPS or jIPS.
You can use any version of the EB0 ROM, but it's always best to use a clean, unmodified ROM when applying a patch. If you've patched the ROM successfully, you'll see the word "EASY" next to the game's title on the title screen.



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