MOTHER / EarthBound Zero Videos:

  • MOTHER Commercial

    This is the original Japanese commercial for MOTHER. The game's three main heroes face off against R7308XX on the summit of Mt. Itoi. Remember, no crying until the ending.

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  • MOTHER Preview (Subtitled)

    This video was made as a preview for Itoi's upcoming video game, MOTHER. He asks that game players pace themselves when playing, and he wants them to explore the game world on their own.

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  • Famicom History Snippet

    This small video is an excerpt from a larger video about the history of the Famicom in Japan. Game makers from outside the main Famicom industry, like Shigesato Itoi, began to make games for the system.

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  • Famitsu's Top 100 Famicom Games List

    This little video depicts Famitsu's Top 100 Famicom games. As it turned out, MOTHER was the ninth on this list.

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  • Eight Melodies by SAKEROCK

    SAKEROCK is a Japanese band known for making new-age classical music. The band members, being fans of MOTHER, got permission from their friend Shigesato Itoi to perform the Eight Melodies.

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  • EarthBound Zero Orchestrated Music

    From the so-called "Famicom Band" that did a bunch of orchestrated Famicom/NES music way back when.

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  • Earthbound Beginnings Announced

    On June 14th, 2015, Nintendo held the first Nintendo World Championships. When they were going through which games would be appearing, an announcement was made. This is that announcement.

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  • Audience Reaction to EBB's Announcement

    This is a video of the audience's reaction when Earthbound Beginning's was announced to be on the Wii U's Virtual Console at the Nintendo World Champion's in 2015.

  • Official Earthbound Beginnings Trailer

    The official Earthbound Beginnings Virtual Console trailer.

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