Lucas is sleeping at Alec's House You can talk to all kinds of animals Frogs will record your memories, so you can resume your progress Try to imagine a thing called a B Button Despite their appearance, Dragos are gentle creatures Your first battle will be against an overconfident mole cricket Who wants Omelets? Sometimes the characters will give you direct advice Hinawa's sends a Letter to Flint

Chapter 1:

A strange group of soldiers in Pig Masks have showed up in Sunshine Forest The doorknob seems to have broken off of this door Make sure to equip the weapons you find Mapson will provide a Map to get you going - he's even nice enough to mark your destination You can check the map by pressing R Humans aren't the only ones with helpful advice - chatting up sparrows will yield lots of useful info Sunshine Forest is filling with smoke...and strange creatures A dip in the hot springs will restore that lost HP These are definitely not your average firfly - they're setting fire to everything Fireflies will even set fire to you if you're not careful Save frogs can be found all over Nowhere Islands, in a variety of places Oh, no! Fuel is trapped in that burning house If you're lucky, you can sneak up on an enemy and attack it while its back is turned An ominous rain falls on Tazmily Boney joins up with Flint The people of Tazmily will gladly share what they have with their neighbors If given the chance, many foes will attack in groups What kind of a creature could have caused all this damage? Boney senses something up above Duster's Wall Staple technique helps you reach higher ground What are those Pigmasks doing to that caribou? The sea is so clear during the day You can trade nuts you find for Nut Bread and Cookies All kinds of wildlife can be found in Tazmily - try talking to all of them The experience you gain in battle will help you grow stronger Some enemies are rarer encounters than others If you're not careful, an enemy may catch you off guard Alec will lend a hand to Flint, though he isn't much help in battle Tap the A button to the beat of the music to rack up a damaging combo in battle This house looks kind of familiar, doesn't it? The Magypsies are a strange bunch - They posses PSI abilities Your visibility is very limited inside this dark cave The pigmasks fly away in a strange vessel Not only animals, but plants will also attack at will What have we here...?

Chapter 2:

Wess sends Duster on a mission Duster uses some unique items to aid him in battle Tazmily is very quiet at night Duster bumps into a peculiar peddler and his monkey Up until now, Tazmily has run without money, but Butch has just come into contact with a large sack full An aircraft is dropping something onto Osohe Castle Zombies are emerging from six feet under and surrounding Duster Nippolyte is heading into his shack Some of your enemies have more bark than bite Duster loves cheese Osohe Castle is not in very good shape Wall Staples can be applied to any wall that looks scalable Osohe is filled with friendly ghosts - some will even trade items for rotten eclairs If you don't mind your HP, you could easily fall in battle Osohe Castle's library is filled with books...whose pages are blank Even inanimate objects, such as artwork, can spring to life to start up a fight Osohe's ghosts are living it to speak Blue wrapped boxes contain maps The Rope Snake will help Duster swing to new locations A mysterious girl rushes ahead of Duster The mirrors reveal what your eyes can't see Duster Won! What an interesting observation These muddy tracks were not here a second ago The tracks lead to Osohe Castle...and lead to these menacing tanks! The Pigmasks don't want you to get into the castle What is Wess going to do? A lovely courtyard sits behind Osohe Castle Wess frees the punky Kumatora from a stupid-ass trap Kumatora's PSI abilities come in handy during battle How dangerous can brooms be? So this is what Wess was after? What's the commotion?

Chapter 3:

A strange airship lands in the desert Fassad zaps poor Salsa quite often Salsa can woo its foes by dancing in battle Wan Sum Dung is a dung beetle...without any dung Fassad and Salsa battle through Death Desert Bug Spray is very useful against all insect enemies I wonder who left all this dung here This looks dangerous for Salsa Ewwww! Roaches The Pork Bean will get you to your destination faster than you could ever run What could Fassad be doing behind that well Tazmily's economy doesn't run on money Fassad holds a long distance chat late at night Fassad has drawn quite a crowd Salsa is definitely not happy These Happy Boxes must be delivered post haste Can these boxes really make you happy? Fassad's business leads him to Osohe Castle The Pigmasks take their orders from Fassad These walls seem to be enscribed with dance steps This lever must have some important purpose A large dungeon rests beneath Osohe Castle Fassad's attacks do the most damage in battle Salsa's path crosses with Wess and Kumatora This tank blocks the exit This tank isn't so tough once its main canon is destroyed

Chapter 4:

Lightning strikes wherever there are no Happy Boxes I wonder who's whispering inside this room The magic butterfly made Lucas relax Some things are just for show Tazmily has changed a great deal in three years Fassad's influence on Tazmily is strong Items aren't the only thing found in gift boxes Just about everyone has upgraded their home Tazmily's shores are filled with tourists Pigmasks now practice their maneuvers in Tazmily Tazmily's Elderly community has been moved to Old Man's Paradise Slitherhens are squirming throughout Sunshine Forest A white mouse makes its home in Lighter's attic The train is rather pricey, so why not walk the tracks instead? Familiar foes traverse Tazmily's train tracks Lucas realizes PSI abilities after a strange encounter PK LOVE quickly takes care of even the toughest of foes Maybe you can earn a few extra DP by working at this factory Clay Guys are hard at work digging in the clay mines A 16-hit Combo will yield maximum damage I bet you could see a lot from up there Club Titiboo is heavily guarded DCMC fans are enjoying the show DCMC puts on a great show What a rockin' foe

Chapter 5:

Finally, a full party Moles have dug a large network of tunnels What's so special about this old Clay Guy? How...inviting This looks dangerous All kinds of strange creatures inhabit this area Clay Guys are made here That Garbage Truck picked up something it shouldn't have A mistaken identity puts you at an advantage DCMC merchandise is especially useful at distracting fans Some foes explode after sustaining too much damage There sure are a lot of signs on this highway This place seems pretty run down, even though this highway is pretty new Some locations are not yet reachable There's a lot of garbage here These electric catfish power Thunder Tower Enemies of all sizes can be found throughout Thunder Tower Some of these strange creatures show affection for Lucas Thunder Tower's command center The walls are filled with DCMC goods Screwloose can be encountered on Thunder Tower's scaffolding This is a high voltage area Mr. Genetor runs the security on Thunder Tower There's no escape Fassad has our team cornered A mysterious figure appears

Chapter 6:

An endless field of sunflowers Wess and Alec have built a haystack

Chapter 7:

Lucas is resting up in Wess's bed Boney picks up a familiar scent Ionia is all tied up Not every rule can be followed Bronson is bronzing on the beach A lot of folks are heading to the city I wonder where Leder could be You'll get upriver quicker by taking a boat There's a secret entrance in Aeolia's house Ionia isn't too useful in battle This underground tunnel leads to Osohe Castle's courtyard A map of Nowhere Islands Lucas finds Fassad's transceiver Ionia flutters away This Courage Badge sure is rusty The frequent lightning seems to have stopped More of Tazmily's citizens are considering leaving for the city Train ticket prices have gone down The Clay Guy factory is shutting down These etchings look like the ones in Osohe Castle The entrance to the Chimera Lab Is this ladies' room...haunted? She may look human, but she's mechanical The proper disguise could come in quite handy You'll blend right in There are rooms filled with specimens of various creatures One musical note will pop up for every beat you hit in your battle combo This chimera is very dangerous They may be evil, but at least they're clean Someone has hidden themselves in this trashcan This place is equiped to operate on even the largest of creatures All kinds of old stuff is stored back here Brrr! It's cold down here Salsa doesn't recognize Lucas in that getup We're in big trouble now! Salsa joins the party once more This must be Doria's home There's gotta be a way to drain this pond Will drying help? Will hard work and determination do the trick? Maybe the least obvious choice is the right one? He just thinks he's all that PK LOVE gets stronger as Lucas grows Hey! It's that pesky Mole Cricket, again The mole crickets have dug an intricate underground maze The snow covered peaks of Nowhere Island Snowboarding has caught on to some of your foes Warm the Chilly Dogs up with some PK Fire Even the snowmen are friendly Lydia takes care of Snowcap's bunnies No matter the climate, each Magypsy has the same style home The mysterious masked man shows up again...with company There's a quick way back to Tazmily A strange coffee table and an urgent note The construction here is unfinished The item cart guy is there whenever you need him Phrygia is fast asleep, but she left a detailed note A boulder is blocking your path Pigmasks are everywhere Cool Mrs. Lava off with some PK Freeze That lava sure looks hot There are plenty of great gifts to uncover A tasteful escape by air Life sure is sweet under the sea Those mermen-looking things are actually oxygen supply machines Hey! It's a Rock Lobster The Pigmasks are even found underwater Everyone has washed ashore, but without any items You're hungry, so why not go for the nearest thing edible Mixolydia's nickname is Missy The Monkalrus is kinda tough This cave is dank and dark This place is actually kinda nice Ocho will take you back ashore Boney is digging around for anything useful Argilla Pass is treacherous They don't seem that cuddly Don't let your head get too big - you might wind up like this How are you gonna get inside? Ionia's humble home It seems you aren't the only ones trying to get inside What could this inscription mean...?

Chapter 8:

So this is it...New Pork City The arcade has all the latest games There's nostalgia all around This place was definitely designed for a child It seems that everyone from Tazmily has ended up in the city This stinkbug has caught Boney's attention This sewer stinks The garbage can affect your health An apartment building with no residents This place is filling up by the minute Much of this city is only a facade To the 100th Floor! Going UP DCMC - Together again The Hippo Launcher is one of the more advanced Chimeras The only way forward is through the water Hippo Launchers even guard items Not every giftbox can be opened A wall of restrooms These guys do NOT mess around The golden throne This must be...Locria's home This place is still being built This place is crawling with strange foes The only way left is up This is a strange place for a laboratory Mechanical foes abound We're getting close! A long hallway Who, or what, lies beyond? Going Down... The strangest foes yet seem to be here I don't like the look of this place



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