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Lets Earthbound Love and Hate
1/7/05 0.00
lewahi Nothing Really Matters To Me...
Ness' feelings in Magicant.
3/22/07 0.00
lewahi Mother 3 Song 249 - Lyrics
I made some lyrics for Song 249, 16 Melodies (Start)
10/5/06 0.00
Liar X. Agerate O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree - Song
3/27/05 0.00
LiarXAgerate Twas the Boing Before Christmas
A poem in the vein of "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
3/26/05 0.00
Lily The Evil Returns?! Part 2!
1/7/05 0.00
Lily The Evil Returns?! Part 1!
1/7/05 0.00
Link06215 We Live alone
1/7/05 0.00
LisVender Battle 1
Module of the lamp battle music.
2/8/05 0.00
LisVender Pollyanna
Module of Pollyanna.
2/8/05 0.00
LordManiMani Idol's Anthem
Poem to the Mani Mani Statue.
10/20/05 0.00
LordManiMani Who Am
A poem lamenting fate and a curse.
10/9/07 0.00
LrdofRngs123 Coffee...
1/7/05 0.00
LrdofRngs123 Mother.....
1/7/05 0.00
Lucky5 Halloween
This poem will make you scream in horror, for it was conceived in a dream on the floor!
11/6/08 0.00
Lunarbink Ode of GamePlay
1/7/05 0.00
Lunarbink The Toil of the Ego Orb, Es. When His Friends Are All Beaten By Ness
1/7/05 0.00



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