Submission Rules:

  • Accepted file types: .txt, .html, .rtf, .doc
  • The minimum submission is a three line haiku, but you can easily do more than that, so please do!
  • If you're submitting a song, make sure it's only the lyrics. Music files should be sent to the Fan Music section.
  • Submissions must be about any of the three MOTHER games, the Smash Bros games, or the community (but if you're writing about members in the community, be sure to get their permission first).
  • Don't copy a poem, change a word or two, and call it your own. Write your own. Be original!
  • Submissions must be acceptable for all audiences; no sex or excessive violence.
In order to submit anything to Starmen.Net, you need to create a forum account. This site is integrated with the forums to create gigantic database that makes for easier navigation and editing (good for both visitors and staffers). Don't be shy! We always love to meet new EarthBound fans. (You don't need to post on the forums to submit anything to the site.)

Please go here to submit your poem or song.



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