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This section is dedicated to strategies, tips, and FAQs that should help you improve your Melee skills.

Any new tips for us? Submit them in to me! We have enough FAQ/Move lists, but we can use one FAQ per fighter. So, are you an expert Bowser player? How about those tricky Ice Climbers? Or how about a FAQ for beating up Fox? Type it up, and send it in. Just make sure it's 'FAQ' worthy -- spellchecked, grammer is okay, and all the info is correct! You wouldn't believe how many entries have incorrect double-check your FAQ before you send it, please! Thanks.

Oh, and on a side note, if you noticed, we have enough Ness FAQs already. Three's enough for him (since this is Starmen.Net!), and one is enough for everyone else. The only way we're going to put up another FAQ for a character we've already got covered is by replacing the existing FAQ with one that's even better. You think you can do that? Better prove it to me!

Current Guides:

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Apple Kid Mewtwo FAQ
A Mewtwo FAQ from Apple Kid
2/7/05 0.00
bluecow Samus FAQ
Samus's FAQ, from bluecow
2/7/05 0.00
Dabid! Ness FAQ
A Ness FAQ from Dabid!. We could use some fancier titles here, perhaps.
2/7/05 0.00
David6414 Ness FAQ
A Ness FAQ from David6414. We could use some fancier titles here, perhaps.
2/7/05 0.00
DMHawkMoon Event Match/Melee Mode FAQ
An Even... just read the title. From DMHawkMoon
2/7/05 0.00
Dr. Omicron FAQ/Move List
Dr. Omicron's FAQ/Move list, from Game Strategies
2/7/05 0.00
funkytoad Home Run Contest FAQ
Home Run Contest FAQ from funkytoad
2/7/05 0.00
Heero0m Secrets Guide
Secrets Guide by heero0m
2/7/05 0.00
JeffMan Ness Target Test FAQ - Speed
This FAQ shows how to do Ness' Target Test in SSBM in under 20 seconds. A link to a video is included in the FAQ.
6/24/05 0.00
Jigglysama Jigglypuff FAQ
Jigglypuff's FAQ, from Jigglysama
2/7/05 0.00
Lunar Cruel Melee Guide
Cruel Melee Guide by Lunar
2/7/05 0.00
Mr. Accident Starmen.Net's Official Ness Guide
Apparently Starmen.Net's Official Ness Guide, from Game Strategies
2/7/05 0.00
Paralistalon Pokey's Guide to Beating Ness
Pokey's Guide to Beating Ness, ghostwritten by Paralistalon
2/7/05 0.00
Psychic Ness FAQ
Psychic's Ness FAQ. Description changed to avoid deja vu.
2/7/05 0.00
UncleJohn04 FAQ/Move List
UncleJohn04's FAQ/Move list, from Game Strategies
2/7/05 0.00



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