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Level Benchmarks - by BlackEagle

Level Benchmarks

Some people who play EarthBound have no idea which level they need to be before fighting any enemy or boss. I, BlackEagle, am writing this article to help all of you people who have this problem. Here goes!

Before fighting Frank and Frankystein Mark II, Ness should be around level 7-8. It would be best to be at level 8 because Ness will learn PSI Rockin' Alpha, which can help a whole lot when fignting Frank and Frankystein. Before you fight Titanic Ant at Giant Step, level 11-12 would be best, so Ness will have enough HP to survive and enough PP to cast PSI Rockin' Alpha a few times. Before fighting Mondo Mole at Lilliput Steps, it is virtually imperative that Ness be at level 22 (the level at which Ness learns PSI Rockin' Beta) and Paula at (at LEAST) level 10-12 so she can know PSI Freeze Beta (big help versus Mondo Mole).

Before taking on Master Belch, have Ness somewhere around level 32-35 and Jeff and Paula around level 20-25. It is very easy to obtain these levels and higher in Belch's Base because Foppies, while being very weak, often attack in mass numbers and give lots of exp. Feel free to exp. surf in Belch's Base for a while to gain needed levels. Before attacking Trillionage Sprout at Milky Well, be at levels 38-40 for Ness and 25-28 for Jeff and Paula. Before fighting the Evil Mani Mani Statue in Moonside, try to have Ness at level 50 (he will learn PSI Rockin' Gamma at 49) and Jeff at level 30-35. If you can get Jeff to higher levels, that's great! Jeff will need all the HP he can have to stand up to the Mani Mani Statue.

Before fighting Shroom! at Rainy Circle, it is very good to have Ness at level 52-56, Paula at 30-32, and Jeff at 38-40. By the way...a good anti-Shroom! tip is to have Jeff launch a Big Bottle Rocket (or a Bottle Rocket will do) at him. Before taking on the Plague Rat of Doom, Have Ness at level 58-61, Jeff at 48-50, Paula at level 45-48, and Poo at level 30-33. Poo will know PSI Freeze Gamma at level 33, Ness will know PSI Flash Gamma at level 61, and Paula will learn PSI Freeze Omega at level 46, and all of these powers do a fantastic amount of damage to the Plague Rat of Doom. Before attacking Thunder and Storm at the Pink Cloud, your levels will probably not be too much higher than those for the Plague Rat of Doom, but it is good to be at level 62-65 for Ness, 49-53 for Jeff, 48-51 for Paula, and Poo at level 36-39.

Before wiping out the Starman Deluxe in the Stonehenge Base, be at level 64-68 for Ness, 50-55 for Jeff, 53-57 for Paula, and Poo at level 42-45. Before taking out Electro Spector at Lumine Hall (Hole?), it doesn't matter which level Ness is at as long as he has the Franklin Badge, but Level 70 is vey good, Paula and Jeff should be at level 58-60, and Poo at level 49-50. Before taking out Carbon Dog in Fire Spring, Ness should be at level 75-80 (at least 75 because he will learn PSI Rockin' Omega), Paula and Jeff at level 65-68, and Poo at level 55-58. These are big level jumps from the previous levels, but they are easy to gain because the Chomposaurs, Ego Orbs, Wetnosaurs, and the enemies in Fire Spring all give off plenty of exp. (While you're at it, try to get the Star Pendant from the Major Psychic Psychos. It's a 1/128 item!)

Before taking on Ness's Nightmare in the Sea of Eden, Ness needs to be at 77-81. Don't worry, if Ness is somewhere around these levels, Ness's Nightmare will fall in a matter of minutes. (Maybe seconds if you managed to obtain the Star Pendant because Ness will probably be at level 99!) Before fighting Giygas, level 85-90 for Ness is outstanding (Some people here in have goe all the way up to level 99 with all 4 characters!), level 70-75 for Paula and Jeff, and level 68-70 for Poo. While these levels may take a long time to obtain, it is better to build levels than die by Giygas. Besides, the enemies in the Cave of the Past are plenty powerful enough.

For those of you people wanting to get to level 99 with all of the characters, make sure that you try for ALL of the 1/128 items: The Sword of Kings (Starman Supers in Stonehenge), the Holy Fry Pan (Chomposaurs in the Lost Underworld), the Baddest Gaia Beam (Get the Broken Parabolic (Antenna) from the Uncontrollable Spheres in the cave before Lumine Hall (Hole?) and have Jeff repair to get the Baddest Gaia Beam), the Star Pendant (Major Psychic Psychos in Fire Spring), and the Gutsy Bat (from Bionic Kraken in the Cave of the Past, not the regular Kraken in the Sea of Eden.

I hope you found my article useful and/or had a good time reading it. Thank you Falcon24 for posting my article.

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BlackEagle Level Benchmarks
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