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Smash Bros. Melee Trophy Conspiracy - by David Andrino

Smash Bros. Melee Trophy Conspiracy

One time when my brother was playing Smash Bros. Melee, he got this new trophy called Mr. Restti. The description included that he was a mole that lectured you if you pushed the Reset button. He was a mole with a pick and a lamp helmet sticking halfway out of the ground. He reminded me of the help moles in Earthbound, the "I'm not an enemy..." ones. At the bottom of the screen it said "future release."

My theory is that he is from the Earthbound game for gamecube. His graphics weren't impressive and he looked like something from an N64 game. When I switched the language to Japanese, it had the game put down for the N64 and the same title with a plus at the end for Gamecube. I also found another trophy for the same game called Totakeke. It was a dog with a guitar and the same N64 graphics.

The 'future release' statement may mean one of two things. That Nintendo is undoubtedly release the game for Gamecube in the US and they have been keeping it a secret. Or that Halken is pressuring Nintendo to Release it. That is if my theory is correct. E-mail me if you have found any info on this or if you want me to send you some screenshots of the trophies.

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David Andrino Smash Bros. Melee Trophy Conspiracy
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