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A Bright Future...? - by chaosknight

A Bright Future...?

To tell the truth, at first, I didn't think Mother 1+2, and especially Mother 3, where going to make it to the USA. But, a few days ago, I was browsing the forum, and saw a topic about signs that they would come here. Then something hit me- Why the heck would Ness be in SSBM, or even SSB, if he was just another character in another SNES game?

A possibility is that they wanted to make him popular. Make his image bigger before the release of games he was in. What games would they release that Ness is in? Well, obviously, Mother 1+2, and Mother 3. Why did Ness have two stages? Why did he have a few items? Why were there so many EarthBound trophies? Well, most people don't buy games they have never heard of. So make them known, before his games were released.

Let's look at other characters. Fox and Falco. Before (SSB time), Fox was only in two games. Why the heck bother with him? Well, because now, he has Dinosaur Planet out, and another StarFox is on the way. Captain Falcon. He was just another racer in F-Zero X, a racing game that really wasn't all that popular to begin with. Well, now F-Zero GX. Another person in the game to gain popularity? The Ice Climbers. Why the HECK are the Ice Climbers in SSBM? Well, I took this into some thought, and quite frankly, I have no freaking idea. What about Roy and Marth? I mean come on, the vast majority of people in the US had probably never heard of Fire Emblem, or seen their faces. Now what's happening? Fire Emblem is on the way for the GBA.

Ness. Mr. Saturn. Onett, Fourside. Home Run Bat. The Paula, Jeff, Poo, and Starman trophies. All of these, if you go to your average Nintendo, or even video game, fan, will be known. EarthBound is well known. I just recently checked GameFAQS. As of 3-07-03, the EarthBound board there is 4th, in amount of users on it. EarthBound is no longer just another SNES, just another RPG. It is a hard hitting, popular, and awesome RPG.

There is another side to the story. Why is Ness in SSB/SSBM? Well, those two games did come from Japan, did they not? Well, Nintendo doesn't just take out characters from a fighting game, just because they aren't all that popular do they? No, the Ice Climbers made it. So did Ness. EarthBound has ALWAYS been loved in Japan. So, he made it in SSB. Thus, he is also in SSBM, for sequels fate. Mother 1+2, and 3, all were a no-show at E3. Another bad sign. After the petition, PK Call 'n', and many other attempts, NoA still has no plans for M1+2 and M3 here. More bad signs.

But, I don't know how many of you read Game Informer, but, in a recent issue, Mother 1+2 was talked about, and was one of the most anticipated games for the GBA not shown at E3. On the topic of gaming magazines, why the HECK would Nintendo Power, the US version, made for people in the US, show Mother 1+2? Well, popularity grows more. Nintendo doesn't go around putting every game people in the US never heard of, do they? Nope. Every game in NP has had a lot of popularity.

So it's obvious EarthBound is popular. It's obvious Kirby, Mario, and all of those characters are popular. It's obvious they will have more games. Last time I checked, Earthbound was more popular on GameFAQs than Metroid, Mario, Kirby, even the majority of the Final Fantasies. EarthBound is known. Gamers like game they know. Gamers will like M1+2 and M3. And hopefully, Nintendo knows that. In other news, SoapOnARope Smells =(.

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