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Fanfiction The weekend may be over, but there's always fanfiction to left your spirits! Start the weekdays off the right way and take a look!

The archive password is: ness

Join in and write something of your own! If you'd like to submit a fanfic, please do so here or submit on the forums!
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Chosen for Success

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Fanart Why did Van Gogh become a painter? Because he didn't have an ear for music.
Alright, alright... Enough with the lame jokes! Happy Saturday, everyone! You know the drill! Let's make your day better with another helping of Fanart!

The archive password is: ness

Thank you to all the artists who submitted!

To submit fanart, do so here or submit on the forums.
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Caption Contest!

Hello there, Starmen! Today, we've got a fresh new activity for you... A Caption Contest!

The amazing TurtleGirl has provided this template for us to use and make wacky scenes with. We've received several amusing submissions and we would love to see what you can come up with!

If you'd like to join in on the fun and participate or simply take a look at the submissions thus far, please take a look here!
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Love Theme

Fan Music

Hey-o! Today's M3's birthday, so that's definitely cool! You know what would make this day even better? Fan Music.

  • the great hall of spectral tricksters

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    wrote a spooky song using mother 3 instruments

  • Mountain

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    This is the background music to the Mt. Itoi area in the game, but orchestrated. The beginning is a little repetitive, but it’s only because it’s building up. Plus, at the end of the entire song, I

  • Pollyanna

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    This is basically a long and nice (giggity) version of Pollyanna I “spiced” up. I added quite a bit of things, and made it sound….surroundier…..(‘cause that’s a word), so I hope you enjoy it!

  • [Cover] “Paula’s Theme”

    We did a cover of “Paula’s Theme”. I hoped you guys would enjoy it! :)

Have anything to submit? Remixes, covers, sheet music, and inspired music is all acceptable! Just leave us a link to your piece and we'll feature it in the upcoming weeks! If you have any questions/concerns, just let us know; we won't bite!

The archive password is: ness

Fan Music will update every other Friday, submissions depending. Submit your fan music today!
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Happy Birthday, Mother 3!!!


Today marks the 12th anniversary of Mother 3's release. It's been over a decade and though it has not been localized, it still is held in the hearts of many and leaves an impact to this very day.

So please, consider celebrating this game with us today!
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Fanart What did the artist say to the rival? I Challenge you a doodle! Okay, that one was really bad, but today's fanart are just the opposite! Take a look and happy Wednesday!

Dissolve in The Illusion - Le0

What a unique submission this week! The audience gets a first class ticket to Moonside with the subject, Jeff, and is left captivated by both interesting words and brilliant colors. Jeff himself is black and white, which gives a pleasant contrast to the vibrant colors surrounding him, and helps draw in the eyes of the onlookers. The artistic choices of breaking up the piece around Jeff, inserting inverted phrases, and the dripping black marks within the shape that envelopes Jeff help put the image all together in the trippy style that only Moonside can provide! Thank you for your wonderful submission!

Congratulations, Le0! This was such an interesting piece and a lot of creativity went in to it. Please enjoy your new badge and I eagerly await what you think up next!

The archive password is: ness

Many thank you to the wonderful EveyLove for assisting me with this write-up today and thank you to all the artists who submitted!

To submit fanart, do so here or submit on the forums.
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It's Showtime!

Fanfiction Happy Monday, friends! I know, it's one of the most dreaded days of the week and spring break is over, but never fear! Fanfiction is here!

The archive password is: ness

Join in and write something of your own! If you'd like to submit a fanfic, please do so here or submit on the forums!
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If a Man Yells Loud Enough...

Fan Comics Today, I am pleased to announce the return of Fan Comic updates!
It's been several years since the comic section of the site was updated and during that time, several comics were written and many beloved one received updates that never were featured here. Well, it's a darn shame so I want to rectify that.
For the time being, we're going to go through the forums and feature new series and updates that were never shown here and add them to our new archive. The update size for the next several weeks will be rather big, as we are playing catch-up for many comic series. In addition to this, we've also added the heavily requested "Next" button for your viewing convenience.

Today, we're focusing on Darrow's The Chosen Four! This long time fan-favorite deserves its time to shine here once again, so we'll be catching up on these pages for the next couple months or so until we're up to date. All pages up to 693 are added to the archive, so if you've been meaning to re-read to catch up, now's the time!

I'm back, Baby!

The archive password is: ness

Please be sure to check out the Fan Comic section and bear with us as we continue to upload past works.

To submit your own comic, you can do so here or submit on the forums.
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Super Beaver

Fanart Happy Saturday, everyone! Say, how do artists greet one another? Yellow!

The archive password is: ness

To submit fanart, do so here or submit on the forums.
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