Mother to Earth - A Documentary about Earthbound Beginnings


Mother to Earth Kickstarter!

Hey you guys! Did you know that some of Starmen.Net's finest have been working on a documentary about the original Mother? They've spent the last two years working with professionals to explore the history behind the leaked prototype that would come to be known as EarthBound Zero and the twenty-five year journey that eventually brought us EarthBound Beginnings, and now they're crowdfunding their way to completing this labor of love so they can share their journey with all of us!

As of right now, there are only about 68 hours remaining in their campaign, so let's all head over to the Mother to Earth Kickstarter page and give them the Starmen.Net boost!
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Starmen Podcast Episode 4: Mother to Earth Interview

Youtube Link
iTunes coming shortly. Enjoy!

Back the Kickstarter (13 days left!)
Follow them on Twitter @MotherToEarthMV for updates.

Fanart of the Week!

NOTE: Theories was not covered this week, the podcast will have a slight format change from the next episode onward and theories will likely be covered as a regular update (also we didn’t get enough submissions for it to even really be a contest). Please Understand.
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Return of the Newsroom

Site Info

That's right! We've decided to return news posts in their old format to the front page and to the forum. No more scrolling through Tumblr reblogs; all the important updates are going to show up right here!

The Tumblr is still around, at least for the time being, but now, those of you who aren't interested in that sort of thing can head straight to the front page, or to the Newsroom board, and check out any current goings-on. Of course, major events like Funfests are still going to have their own spaces in the Current Events category on the main forum page.

Thanks for bearing with us through the Great Tumblr Experiment! If you've got any feedback regarding the experiment, or our move back to traditional CMS newsposts to the Newsroom, please let us know in the discussion thread!

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Welcome to your Fanart center

Fanart This crop of Fanart features some fresh submissions... I think? Oh well, maybe they'll be fresh to you!

Wow, only two submissions worth of fanart in the queue?? That's amazing! You guys better get to making more fanart! And you can submit it right here. Although... it seems like we might be changing submission processes soon. It is mysterious and exciting.
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Keep Submitting! You can do it!

Fanfiction It's been a while, but fanfiction is back with another update. Remember, if you want to see more updates, you've got to submit your content! Get writing out there!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas for the fanfiction section, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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EarthBound is a Club Nintendo Platinum Reward

Platinum baby!

Nintendo announced today their Club Nintendo rewards for members that had reached Gold and Platinum status as of July 1st. The reward choices this year for both levels are digital downloads, and among the available titles for Platinum members is none other then EarthBound!

While it is a bit disheartening to see no physical rewards this year, (as part of the fun of Club Nintendo was unique rewards available to only members that had reached either of these status levels) it is really great to see EarthBound up there as one of the choices alongside some pretty solid titles such as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, NES Remix, Super Mario Bros, and Metroid. If you have yet to grab EarthBound for the Wii U Virtual Console and reached Platinum status, now would be the time to claim your reward of an amazing game!
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A Tuesday Too Soon

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It's Tuesday, and that means the Buddies have taken the helm! Go reign them in before it's too late!

Buddy (To Be Named Later) – Please Give Him A Name!  9 PM ET

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*All times subject to change.*

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Chuggaaconroy To Return As Host For GPP #3, Wednesday, June 9th @ 9pm EDT

Mother 25th Emblem

You heard right! Youtube personality and Let's Player Chuggaaconroy will be returning to for the Mother 25th Anniversary Fanfest this Wednesday, July 9th at 9pm EDT as the host of GPP#3.

You can tune in with us on the official Starmen Twitch page and follow Chuggaaconroy through Merrysville! Play along as he visits the adorable Twinkle Elementary and make his way through Sweet Little’s Factory before finally taking a ride on the Paradise Line.

Follow along with the Fanfest on our blog at

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The Robot Apocalypse - New Gaming Being Kickstarted by Carried Away Games


Carried Away Games is currently funding The Robot Apocalypse, their latest free-to-play "tactical customization" MMO Facebook game on Kickstarter. It combines RTS elements with tower defense and battle arena strategies. There are lots of cool perks and even some neat swag you can get by backing The Robot Apocalypse on Kickstarter, so be sure to check it out here!

I suppose you might be wondering why I'm talking about a non-EarthBound game on an EarthBound fan site. Well, one of Carried Away Games' developers is non other than Marcus Lindblom, the localization director for EarthBound! Because Nintendo refused to allow Marcus to write a book about the development of EarthBound, he's instead going to share his stories in the Kickstarter updates for The Robot Apocalypse. The EarthBound stories are free to read by anyone, even if you haven't backed the Kickstarter. Read Marcus' EarthBound stories here!

Marcus Lindblom has done so many good things for EarthBound fans, and we at Starmen.Net want to see his latest project succeed. Please consider backing The Robot Apocalypse! Thanks :)
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Inspiration from Arizona

Fanart Ahh, after coming back from the Starmen con, I'm all inspired to make Fanart myself! Maybe. If I can ever find the time...

If you're wondering about the actual number of updates in the queue, I'd say there's only 3 or 4. So don't be afraid to submit your glorious creations! Although, I should also make a public service announcement about the rules for submission. Please do not submit any .bmp files, and keep your images to a decent size. If your fanart doesn't show up, it may have broken one of these rules.
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