Fanworks Friday: Enemies in Love


It's a bit late, but it's never too late for another update of Fanworks Friday!

Today's Fanart of the Week winner is megadrivesonic with his lovely drawing of a loving couple.

This piece is one that can just be looked at for hours. The colors are both soothing and rich while pulling the eye in a new direction. The dark outline enhances the background as the softer colors add more detail to the focal points. With character expression, soft and heavy lines, and the over all visual components that bring the image together are pleasing to behold. The artist made great use of the Valentine theme in a unique way with enemies. This was a wonderful piece and addition to the site's art gallery.
Congratulations, megadrivesonic! Enjoy the new badge and I hope you'll continue to post your work on the forums!

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

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Back from the Dead: Monthly Illustration Contest!

Fanart Hello, hello! There hasn't been a new event in a while, so I'm taking the opportunity to revive an interesting one that didn't last terribly long.

Every month, I’ll post a piece of writing relating to the Mother-series written by someone on the Starmen.Net community. Your job is to take something from it and illustrate it! Then, post it in this topic!

The winner will receive a copy of the illustration badge, which looks like this: and will have their illustrations posted to the front page and our social media!

There's a few rules:

  • You can draw more than one image, but it's not required.
  • Keep it family-friendly. Don’t draw anything you wouldn’t want to show to your grandmother.
  • You can participate if your fanfic is used
  • Keep it relevant to the story. Your illustration needs to relate to the fanfiction that you’re illustrating, so if the fanfiction is about Mother 3, you can't simply just draw Lucas. It has to be unique to the piece itself.

  • This month, the fanfiction at hand is TurtleGirl's Franky VS. Some Starmen!

    Your contest entry should be submitted to this thread by 11:59 PM PST on March 14th.

    If you have a fanfiction to nominate, please send me a PM!

    We're also looking for a banner for this event, so if you want a chance to earn a different badge by designing a banner, look here!

    Ask here or through PM if you have questions or concerns!
    Let me see those beautiful drawings!
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    FFotM Winner - Capture the Love


    Why, hello there! Today is Monday and it happens to be the first one of February. You know what that means, right? Fanfiction of the Month, of course!

    Every month, we go through the forum's Writing Board and on the first Monday, we will choose the story we think is most deserving of the award. Winners will receive this beauty.

    To qualify, simply post any fanfictions relating to the Mother-series on the Writing Board. It can be poems, stories, whatever! All I ask is that you be sure to include a title! Even submissions to the Monthly Prompt Post will be looked at! Don't forget to proofread!

    Today, however, we're going to go back to a submission that was posted several months ago. This particular entry was more than deserving of this award, but so I could not be biased, I asked for Ostricho to help me determine if this was indeed a winner. We both agreed, so....

    This month's winner is EveyLove with "Double Exposure"!

    This piece revolves around Charles, a photographer with a tortured soul who loathes the scum of humanity and wipes them from existence. After saving a young woman from a man trying to take advantage of her, she becomes the embodiment of light in Charles' life. He finds himself struggling to find himself and wonders if he is truly a monster like the one he kills.

    I really enjoyed this story. Not only is it well written, but the telling of the tale is so descriptive and rich in emotion, the reader can easily be absorbed into the character of Charles. Oh, and did I mention this piece is a whole whopping 36 1/2 pages? The author put a whole lot of heart and soul into her story; I am more than happy to recognize her talent and hard work.

    "Double Exposure" hasn't gotten much action on the Writing board, and that's a darn shame. Don't let the length lean you away from reading this incredible work. It is a bit graphic and does have sexual themes, so be prepared. Overall, it's a well written piece and if I could change anything, I would just want to see Charles' relationship with the heroine to be fleshed out more, but hey, maybe I just want a sequel!

    If you want to read or leave a comment, check out the thread! (Don't worry about bumping, it's alright!) Also, a HUGE thanks to Ostricho for taking the time to help with this!
    Congratulations, EveyLove! I really did enjoy this story and hope we see more of you and your work on the Writing board in the future.Enjoy your new badge!

    Again guys, keep at it! All the submissions were wonderful and I really have a great time reading them!

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to comment or simply drop me a line.

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    Artist's Spotlight - I Like Turtles


    Why, hello there! It's a bit late in the day, but since it's still the first Saturday of the month, let's have another edition of Artist's Spotlight!

    This month's winner is TurtleGirl!

    Though she is a newcomer to the Mother art thread, TurtleGirl is always putting out quality work again and that's the entire point of Artist's Spotlight! The sketches she posts are always amazing and I am always eager to see what she draws next!

    Congratulations, TurtleGirl! This was well earned! Enjoy the badge! You are a talented artist and I hope you stick around the forums in the future!

    Artist's spotlight updates the 1st Saturday of every month! Hope you're looking forward to it!

    FANART | READ COMMENTS (5) 2017.02.04 @ 23:23 CST by CerealQueen

    Fanworks Friday: What Makes a Hero?


    Hello, Friday! It's! Oh, wait... That's not it. Well, whatever, you know what that means! That's right, another update of Fanworks Friday!

    Today's Fanart of the Week winner is okaydesuka with his beautiful Loid mini comic.

    I am quite fond of this piece. Not only does it reflect the way Loid sees his own image and thinks he's weak because he's not like the iconic super heroes. It's a bit bittersweet, seeing as we, the viewers, know how incredible he really is, but Loid is still unable to see it. It's drawn beautifully and is quite reminiscent of older media that would frequently show children idolizing super heroes.
    Congratulations, okaydesuka! Enjoy the new badge and I hope you'll continue to post your work on the forums!

    Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

    To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

    FANART | READ COMMENTS (1) 2017.02.03 @ 15:29 CST by CerealQueen

    VGMotM - Time Bound

    Fan Music

    How are you all this fine winter day? Let's have another edition of

    The Video Game Music Contest!

    The submissions last month? So many and each so fantastic! I was extremely happy with the turn out! If you guys have any game recommendations, feel free to PM me!

    What is this?

    As the name suggests, contestants are challenged each month to make music inspired by a particular video game. Each month, there will be a different game chosen as the theme. Submissions may be reorchestrations, remixes, or instrumental/vocal performances of official music from that game, videos of you playing, or even completely original compositions written about or inspired by the game. You can even make it on Mario Paint if you want!

    The theme for February is:

    The Professor Layton series

    Don't forget about the prizes!
    Each month, a winner will be selected and will receive this fabulous note block badge:
    Winning five times will earn you this upgrade:
    All accepted entries will earn this badge for participating:

    But wait! That's not all!

    There are also upgrades for the participation badge! If you come back and participate five times, your Game Boy gets upgraded to the smooth purple Game Boy badge:
    And if you participate ten whole times, the music in your soul burns through and turns it red-hot:
    If you decide to go above and beyond and participate fifteen times, you will upgrade to the golden Game Boy:

    To see the rules and to participate, be sure to check out the thread! You can also check your participation progress there!

    To see the January's winner, check after the jump!

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    Monthly Prompt Post: Beginning Anew


    Hello, hello! How's it going? It's the beginning of the month, so that means yet another edition of Monthly Prompt Post!

    The idea of Monthly Prompt Post is simple. I give you a prompt, and you give me a story. The story can be about the Mother series or something completely original, as well as everything in between!
    Get your story done on time and you will receive this wonderful badge:

    In addition, there are upgrade badges for participating 5 times: and 10 times: as well!

    But there's more! While these entries can be about whatever you like, any Mother-related entries submitted automatically qualify for Fanfiction of the Month! In addition, you are free to review other stories from the thread if you want to snag yourself the Review Badge (but be helpful to the author of course!)

    This is a great way to keep practice and motivate yourself to write!

    Without further ado, let's look at all of January's wonderful submissions! The prompt was: New Beginnings

    Wow! What a great turnout! So many fantastic submissions, once again! They're always a pleasure to read! If you submit your prompt late, this post will be edited to feature your work as well, so no worries!

    Next month's prompt is Love Monthly Prompt Post always ends on the last day of the month, so get submissions in by the end of February 28th!

    This prompt also fits with the current Funfest, so if you make a Mother-related entry, consider submitting to the Funfest! You can win cool prizes and get a badge for just submitting!

    For see the full set of rules, see the full list of entries, or submit to the prompt, check the thread!

    Hope to see you all participate this month!
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    Artist Feature - I Dream of Memes


    Hello, Starmen! How's it going? I hope you're managing to stay warm and healthy! Seeing how it's the end of the month, let's have another update of...

    Artist Feature!

    In case you missed it for the past couple months, here's the idea. has sooo many incredible artists frequenting the site, of all mediums! Writing, painting, drawing, music, there are just so many things our members are good at! I have seen people improve so vastly over the years and a number of members who were once here have grown to be successful in their fields. Really, it's an amazing sight to see.
    So I wanted to find a way to showcase many of the talented individuals that you may know and TragicManner's Fangame Highlight gave me an idea. While it is a bit similar to Artist's Spotlight, I want to take it one more step and actually get to know the artists who make up the forum.

    Every month, I'll feature one of the many talented individuals you may have seen around the site; this is not just limited to compart or handart, rather, we could feature an author, musician, etc. I'll also feature some of their work as well as an interview with the artist.

    If you'd like to nominate someone, send me, CerealQueen, a PM!

    This month's feature is: Mr. Meme!

    To see the interview with Mr. Meme, check after the jump!

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    Year of the Mad Duck


    It's 2017 and you know what that means, right? It's the year of the Mad Duck! Yep, it's the return of the EarthBound Zodiac after many long years! It's based on the Chinese Zodiac where a different animal represents each year (though we're switching over with the regular new year). The years go in order, so find your animal, read about its traits, and have some fun! Good luck with 2017, you mad Mad Ducks!

    So, which character are you?
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (10) 2017.01.28 @ 0:02 CST by CerealQueen

    Forum Events - Annual Valentine Exchange

    Hello, Starmen.Net! Today, I bring to you an event that comes but once a year...

    Starmen.Net 2017 Annual Valentine Exchange

    The season of love is upon us and instead of some cheap candy, how about something a bit more personal?
    Pretty much, this is a Valentine’s Day gift exchange, much like Secret Santa. However, there are a few modifications between the two.

    The idea here is to create a valentine for a particular individual in celebration of the holiday. I will secretly send the name of your secret Valentine and you will make a valentine for them secretly, of course. Another individual will create a valentine for you. The gift you make will be based on your individual’s interest and the gift you receive will be based on yours.

    The catch?

    Unlike Secret Santa, nobody will post their interests, rather, you will have to do some research yourself.
    This forum is known for being a big old family.
    Valentine’s Day can be rather lonely for many, so this project is meant to add some much needed love. Getting a bit more personal just adds a nice comforting touch.

    Now, as for the present itself, I encourage something having to do with Valentine’s Day, love, or something similar, but the ultimate choice is up to you. If you want to go back to those elementary school days where you received a bunch of those tacky cards, please be my guest.

    You can make something electronically, handmade, something with audio, or write something heartfelt.

    Also, if you are feeling up to it, don’t just stop there! If there’s someone here that caught your fancy, someone you are grateful for, or whatever, make more valentine’s! I want this to be fun and everyone likes to get gifts.

    So, if you are interested in this little event, you can sign-up here!

    Also, if you haven't already, check out the Valentine's Funfest!
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (0) 2017.01.27 @ 15:25 CST by CerealQueen

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