Fanworks Friday: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


Hello, my friends! How's your week been? Today is Friday, so we gotta get down and look at Fanart!

Today, Fanart of the Week is awarded to quirkykoi for her vibrant drawing of the Masked Man!

quirkykoi is a member who joined not terribly long ago and has dipped her toe in the artistic events the site offers. Today, I want to feature only a drawing that only shows a sliver of her potential.
I really enjoy this drawing of the Masked Man. It displays the expression-less face of someone who has been stripped of their humanity. It leaves a slight twinge of sorrow in my heart, but at the same time, the colors of the drawing are bright and vibrant. The thick pink outline behind the boy almost makes it adorable, and I really enjoy this mix of style and emotion. It is very well drawn and I quite enjoy the artistic style that artist has.

quirkykoi, I really enjoy your work and I do hope you continue to post on the site! Enjoy your new badge, you have certainly earned it.

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

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Devouring Your Sanity


Have you lost your sanity yet? While there hasn't been a ton of submissions this week, the ones we got were pretty awesome! Let's take a look, shall we?

Come on, guys! Keep on submitting!

Every week, I'll showcase the current submissions on the front page. (Note: By week, I mean 7 days, so if you posted your submission after the 14th, they'll appear next week!)

If you haven't seen it already, consider submitting to the Halloween Funfest! Just submitting will earn you a cool decay badge!

You can earn some great prizes, like avatars, badges, shirts, and more! Most importantly, you can have a fun time! Take a look at the board and submit today!

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FGP Monthly Highlight - October Edition

Fan Games / Apps

In case you missed it, every month we highlight a new game that is actively being developed at FG&P! TragicManner will be reaching out to game creators and asking them questions about their projects and then sharing with you all what I learned about the process behind their project, why they decided to start making their game, and more!

Often times there are questions about a project that don’t really fit into the conversation that goes on in a game’s thread. Hopefully the highlights will provide some insights into projects that simply wouldn’t happen elsewhere.

October's highlight is...

This month we’re highlighting Mother: Porky’s Galactic Strike, tebited15’s seven-years and counting labor of love. Seriously, the work that tebited15 has already put into the artwork is incredible! Every single image I’ve seen so far just makes me want to play this game so much!
- TragicManner

To see the TragicManner's interview with tebited15 , check after the jump!

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Giygas is GRRREAT!


Wassup? It's been a hot minute since we last updated this GRRREAT little activity, so let's get to a truly rewarding winner!

but first...
What is the Great OP?

The Great OP project rewards those so dedicated to a discussion that they put every ounce of sweat blood and tears into their opening posts, fully outlining their opinion, theory, or topic of discussion. If an OP truly stands out, then that person will receive the Great OP badge:

For more info, check out the thread!

The one I want to recognize today is Topaz Light and his "My Take on Giegue/Giygas and his faction" topic!
Immediately, you can tell how much the user put into his OP; there was so much detail and dedication to it, it took two posts! Not only did this receive multiple nominations, but it caught my eye as well. So much consideration and research was done to gather information about Giegue and the Mother-series.

I can always appreciate the love and care that goes into making topics and this is an excellent example of a good thought-out topic, definitely one to look at a prime example. Nicely done, Topaz Light! I hope you continue to make good quality posts like this in the future! It was truly a pleasure to read!

Remember, if you guys see a GRRREAT OP out there, please nominate it! Show people you appreciate their well written opening post! Also, don't be afraid to nominate yourself! I know you guys put a lot of work into posts like these and I want to make sure you're recognized!

(Also, please! This banner looks awful and I know one of you can make one that easily tops it, so please consider submitting to the Banner Making Contest so you don't have to look at my travesties!)

I hope to see more amazing OP’s out there, guys! I look forward to it!

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They Stare Into Your Soul


Hold onto your sanity, because this is going to be a crazy month. There have been many great submissions this week and the madness creeps into your soul, gnawing its fangs into your mind. Let's take a look!

Every week, I'll showcase the current submissions on the front page. (Note: By week, I mean 7 days, so if you posted your submission after the 7th, they'll appear next week!)

If you haven't seen it already, consider submitting to the Halloween Funfest! Just submitting will earn you a cool decay badge!

You can earn some great prizes, like avatars, badges, shirts, and more! Most importantly, you can have a fun time! Take a look at the board and submit today!

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Fanworks Friday: Afternoon Tea Time


It's been a while, huh? Do you have any weekend plans? Think I'm going to go on a hot date myself. Anyway, let's get to it!

This week's Fanart of the Week winner goes to Lindsocolo for her adorable drawing.

Lindsocolo is an old time member who just recently rejoined the site and has brought an endless supply of her new work with her. I have seen firsthand just how much she has improved over the years and it's remarkable. For the past few weeks, she's been gracing the art gallery with her drawings, each one incredibly cute and precious. Personally, I find myself checking out the galleries a lot more these days because there is constantly new art to melt my heart.
I choose this particular piece for Fanart of the Week because while it's simple, the colors are warm and comforting. Though only sipping a cup of tea, I believe this piece captures Lindsocolo's style, though I highly recommend checking out more of her work.

Lindsocolo, thank you for sharing your art with us and I hope to continue seeing more of it in the future. Enjoy your new badge, you have certainly earned it.

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

To see the Undertale Fanwork of the Week winner, check after the jump!

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Theories - If You're Happy and You Know It


Why, hello there! The weekend is finally here and let's celebrate with some theories!

The last theory was: What is the functionality of these Happy Boxes?

As you can see, there were some fantastic responses, but the Theory of the Week Winner is StarstorMew!

Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

(You can check your progress here!)

Check after the jump to read StarstorMew's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

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Forum Events - Mafia: Cabin Fever Sign-Ups are Live!


The year is 2064. Civilization has collapsed due to a Third Ice Age. The remnants of humanity are scattered. Food and water are in short supply. It’s deadly cold. Those who dont starve, dehydrate or freeze eventually go mad. In the ruins of southwest Colorado, a small band of survivors come across a huge mansion in the tundra. After a rough storm, they are snowed in, with very little to eat. The desperate inhabitants of the mansion are left fighting starvation, the cold, madness and even themselves…

Are you a fan of online mafia games, from websites like epicmafia? If so, consider signing up for the forum's latest mafia game, Cabin Fever! It's a fun way to engage with the community and sign-ups are live now!

You can check the thread for additional details, rules, and to sign-up! You only have until October 8th! Don't give us the cold shoulder! Sign-up today!

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FFotM Winner - For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams


Today is the first Monday of the month, which could only mean... Fanfiction of the Month, of course!

Man, you guys really dished out some fantastic fics this month, Mother or other-wise. Please keep them coming!

Every month, we go through the forum's Writing Board and on the first Monday, we will choose the story we think is most deserving of the award. Winners will receive this beauty.

To qualify, simply post any fanfictions relating to the Mother-series on the Writing Board. It can be poems, stories, whatever! All I ask is that you be sure to include a title! Even submissions to the Monthly Prompt Post will be looked at! Don't forget to proofread!

This month's winner is ridiclaus with his "moon" prompt for Monthly Prompt Post.

This piece is about Lucas and Claus' relationship, as children and until the very end. There is a lot I could say about this piece, but StarstorMew really described my feelings in his review.

This story kind of caught me off-guard. It was very fresh, very unique among most MOTHER 3 works I have read.

The first thing I would like to address is the way you wrote this. The use of short, simple sentences in places made it even more powerful. The way you alternate between the final battle and Lucas’s childhood gave the story a phantasmagoric aura.

How you handled Lucas and Claus’s relationship also really stood out to me. Your interpretation, I felt, was very realistic and appealing. Claus’s pranks not only point out his innocence and immaturity as a child, but also bring up how cruelty depends on perception. Their personalities felt very natural — their actions really reminded me of real people, not just fictional characters. It shows how, even in an idealistic setting like Tazmily, human nature persists in the people.

And then there is how well you managed to incorporate the Moon motif into the story. Lucas’s thought of, “There’s no such thing as the moon disappearing –it has a dark side, but you can see it from the right angle,” really fits the Masked Man — underneath, it is still Claus, no matter what he is wearing or what he is doing. And the very fact that Lucas knows that the Moon is never truly absent shows a change in his beliefs since when Claus used to try that joke on him. A very subtle way of character development, but one that I really loved.

Of course, your attention for the smaller details cannot be ignored, either. The detail about cat’s cradle really enriched the story. The connection between PK Love and a childhood game like cat’s cradle is something I have never seen before, either, and it serves to give PK Love personal significance, beyond just being the ability to pull the Needles.

In terms of small details, this was what personally resonated with me the most:

And cat’s cradle, a game so beautiful and elaborate and alone. Every game of cat’s cradle is played alone.

He stared at the arrangement of intertwined string in his hands.

After all these years, this is the only pattern Lucas could invent.

And it’s still sort of stolen from Claus, at least the beginning.

This part, although brief, is very effective in making Lucas feel so natural. In conclusion, I would just like to say that I was really impressed by this story, and I would love to read some others works from you.

The story was written extremely well and is quite honestly one of my favorite fanfics I have ever read on this site! I highly recommend you give it a read!

Congratulations, ridiclaus! I really enjoyed your piece and hope you'll continue to post on the writing board! Enjoy your new badge!

Again guys, keep at it! All the submissions were wonderful and I really have a great time reading them! Also, be sure to check out the Halloween Funfest! The event could always use more writing submissions and there are prizes for winners! Better yet, just participating gets you a snazzy badge! If you post entries from the Fest to the Writing board, they will qualify for Fanfiction of the Month!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to comment or simply drop me a line.

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VGMotM - Beware the Forest Tunes

Fan Music

How's your weekend going? Let's have another round of the

The Video Game Music Contest!

The submissions from last month were amazing and hopefully, we'll get more in this time! If you guys have any game recommendations, feel free to PM me!

What is this?

As the name suggests, contestants are challenged each month to make music inspired by a particular video game. Each month, there will be a different game chosen as the theme. Submissions may be reorchestrations, remixes, or instrumental/vocal performances of official music from that game, or even completely original compositions written about or inspired by the game. You can even make it on Mario Paint if you want!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, let's do a game that involves creepy elements and a variety of masks.
The theme for October is:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask!

Don't forget about the prizes!
Each month, a winner will be selected and will receive this fabulous golden Game Boy badge:
All accepted entries will earn this badge for participating:

But wait! That's not all!

There are also upgrades for the participation badge! If you come back and participate five times, your Game Boy gets upgraded to the smooth purple Game Boy badge:
And if you participate ten whole times, the music in your soul burns through and turns it red-hot:

To see the rules and to participate, be sure to check out the thread!

To see the September's winner, check after the jump!

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