Monthly Illustration Contest: This Isn't the End!

After a long hiatus, we're back with another round of Monthly Illustration Contest!

Every month, I’ll post a piece of writing relating to the Mother-series written by someone on the Starmen.Net community. Your job is to take something from it and illustrate it! Then, post it in this topic! Remember, your drawing doesn't have to cover the entirety of the story!

The winner will receive a copy of the illustration badge, which looks like this: and will have their illustrations posted to the front page and our social media!

There's a few rules:

  • You can draw more than one image, but it's not required.
  • Keep it family-friendly. Don’t draw anything you wouldn’t want to show to your grandmother.
  • You can participate if your fanfic is used
  • Keep it relevant to the story. Your illustration needs to relate to the fanfiction that you’re illustrating, so if the fanfiction is about Mother 3, you can't simply just draw Lucas. It has to be unique to the piece itself.
  • Authors picked can submit a picture regardless whether it is your fanfiction or not

  • The last chosen fanfiction was Ostricho's The End?.

    And the winner is: PSIduck7!

    Congratulations! This really was an amazing piece!

    January's fanfiction in question is LadyTe's Once Upon a Time.
    Your contest entry should be submitted to this thread by 11:59 PM PST on February 14th.

    If you have a fanfiction to nominate, please send me a PM!

    Ask here or through PM if you have questions or concerns!
    Let me see those beautiful drawings!
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    Artist Spotlight - It is All it's Quacked Up to Be


    Greetings and happy Saturday! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and I hope to make it even better with another edition of Artist's Spotlight!

    This month's winner is PSIduck7!
    There is no shred of mystery as to why this month's spotlight is on this particular member, not if you've seen their work. In each and every piece posted, there is such an impeccable amount of care and detail, as seen in every detail. Whether it be scenic, monsters, people, PSIduck7 manages not only to make a beautiful picture, but also is able to make a story. This little award has been a long time coming and I am glad to award it today.

    I am so very proud to award PSIduck7 this badge. Please keep submitting! It is always such a treat to see what you'll post next!

    Artist's spotlight typically updates the 1st Saturday of every month! Hope you're looking forward to it!

    FANART | READ COMMENTS (7) 2018.01.06 @ 12:31 CST by CerealQueen

    Theories: Open Sesame!


    Hello and welcome to the first Theories update of the year! I do hope you;ll join us in looking at the incredible theories submitted by members of the forums!

    The last theory was: What’s the backstory between the two sesame seeds and how did they get split up?

    As you can see, there were some great responses, but I am proud to announce the Theory of the Month Winner is TurtleGirl!

    Remember, participate 10 times and get this Giygas badge!

    You can now check your progress here.

    Check after the jump to read TurtleGirl's awesome theory! (and also see what the next prompt is~)

    ARTICLES | READ COMMENTS (0) 2018.01.01 @ 23:23 CST by CerealQueen

    EarthBound Discount Code Sale on My Nintendo!


    That's right! My Nintendo is currently offering a 50% off code for EarthBound on the New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console. If for some reason you have yet to play the game or simply want a new console to play it on, this discount costs 40 Gold Points. If you still have some extra points to spend, considering ordering a copy! It might make a great belated present for the holidays!

    This deal ends March 23, 2018, so you still have awhile to snag yourself copy.

    EarthBound Beginnings is also on sale in Europe/Australia, a 40% off reward redeemable for 180 Platinum Coins, so be sure to check that out, too!
    However, the EBB reward only lasts until January 1st, 2018, so you'll have to act fast if you want the discount!

    Do you plan on buying a copy for yourself or a friend? Is this EB reward available in your region? Let us know!
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (0) 2017.12.27 @ 18:00 CST by CerealQueen

    Happy EB no Matsuri Everyone!

    Good morning and I wish you all the happiest of times on this most special of holidays! Today we sit down and celebrate EB no Matsuri, so sit down for a meal (but check for loose pebbles in your cereal if you failed to leave out a plate of strawberry tofu) and check your doors to see if you need to call a repairman.

    This annual holiday and one I look forward to the most each and every year. As the Annual Gift Man finishes his deliveries and sets back to travel to the moon to become the Mega Annual Gift Man, we rejoice and celebrate his name as he fights greedy giant lizards who try to steal our copies of EarthBound.

    What? What do you mean you have no idea what I'm talking about? Surely you know the tale of EB no Matsuri...

    If you've been a good little one this year, check under your pillow and you may find a very nice gift from the Annual Gift Man (no repro copies, I swear!) If you've been naughty this year or lied on your taxes, well... erk...
    That probably explains your lack of face, so uh... good luck with that!

    So Starmen.Net, how did you celebrate the holiday? Did you wake up to a pleasant surprises or do you feel an unusual draft on your face? If you'd like to share any fanworks to celebrate this joyous holiday, please feel free to share below!

    Happy holidays everyone!
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (1) 2017.12.20 @ 7:35 CST by CerealQueen

    Secret Santa 2017: Now Accepting Participants!


    Hello there! I bring good news! Winter has finally set in and we’ll celebrate the season with another year of Secret Santa!

    Secret Santa is an annual anonymous gift exchange between the people here on the forums who choose to participate. All present exchanges will be done through the forums, so don’t worry about addresses and all that nonsense! Where is stands now, we'll stop taking sign-ups at the end of December 15th, so please act quick if you'd like to join in on our holiday fun!

    To read additional rules, information and to sign-up, simply visit the Secret Santa thread in the forum.
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (0) 2017.12.06 @ 13:27 CST by CerealQueen

    Monthly Prompt Post: Forgive or Forget


    Roses are red, violets are blue... you look here and I bring prompts to you!

    The idea of Monthly Prompt Post is simple. I give you a prompt, and you give me a story. The story can be about the Mother series or something completely original, as well as everything in between!
    Get your story done on time and you will receive this wonderful badge:

    In addition, there are upgrade badges for participating 5 times: and 10 times: as well!
    Another upgrade badge has also been thrown into the mix!
    For anyone who participates a whopping TWENTY times will get this wonderful badge:

    But there's more! While these entries can be about whatever you like, any Mother-related entries submitted automatically qualify for Fanfiction of the Month! In addition, you are free to review other stories from the thread if you want to snag yourself the Review Badge (but be helpful to the author of course!)

    This is a great way to keep practice and motivate yourself to write!

    Without further ado, let's look at all of Novembers's wonderful submissions! The prompt, was: Forgiveness!

    Not as many entries this time, but that's alright! Still fantastic stuff! If you happen to finish something for this last prompt, I'll be taking accepting submissions until the 10th, so if you want to turn something in, feel free to do so!

    Next month's prompt is Goodbyes! Monthly Prompt Post always ends on the last day of the month, so get submissions in by the end of December 31st

    For see the full set of rules, see the full list of entries, or submit to the prompt, check the thread!

    Hope to see you all participate this month!
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    Artist Spotlight - The Bark Certainly Isn't Sharper than the Bite


    Hello and welcome! Today I bring to you another fabulous edition of have Artist Spotlight!

    This month's winner is Borzoiteeth!
    This has certainly been a long time coming. Borzoiteeth is such a talented artist. Each piece submitted simply blew me away! One of the biggest things that stands out with this artist is the variety of styles and various techniques used for each submission. Not only is each piece unique stylistically, but each one is executed so well and leaves the audience thoroughly pleased and feeling as if they have truly had an artistic visual experience. With extensive attention to detail, use of warm, cool, and vibrant colors, obvious character facial expression, and intentional use of a proper medium artfully display the mood and tone of each scene. Simply picking which pieces to showcase was a struggle, as each is so visually appealing! Wonderful job!

    I am so very proud to award Borzoiteeth this badge. Please keep submitting! It is always such a treat to see what you'll post next!

    Artist's spotlight typically updates the 1st Saturday of every month! Hope you're looking forward to it!


    Also, I do want to do a quick announcement while I'm here.
    You may have noticed the lack of regular updates for Fanworks Friday. Due to the decreased traffic, it's been decided that updates will occur when there are a satisfactory number of submissions. This also applies to Fanfiction of the Month. Keep in mind, Funfest entries are eligible to win awards as well, but only if they're submitted to the proper boards!

    Again, thank you all for submitting to the forums! We definitely appreciate it!

    FANART | READ COMMENTS (2) 2017.12.03 @ 11:21 CST by CerealQueen

    Artist Feature: What an Odd Wonderful Fish


    Why, hello there, Starmen! It's been a little while since I last did one of these, but I am finally updating the one, the only...

    Artist Feature!

    In case you missed it before, here's the idea. has many incredible artists frequenting the site, of all mediums! Writing, drawing, music, there are just so many things our members are good at! I have seen people improve so vastly over the years and a number of members who were once here have grown to be successful in their fields. Really, it's an amazing sight to see.

    So I wanted to find a way to showcase many of the talented individuals that you may know and TragicManner's Fangame Highlight gave me an idea. While it is a bit similar to Artist's Spotlight, I want to take it one more step and actually get to know the artists who make up the forum.

    Every month, I'll feature one of the many talented individuals you may have seen around the site; this is not just limited to compart or handart, rather, we could feature an author, musician, etc. I'll also feature some of their work as well as an interview with the artist.

    If you'd like to nominate someone, send me, CerealQueen, a PM!

    This month's feature is: quirkykoi!
    (Keep in mind, this interview was done in May, so the answers may be a bit dated. Very sorry about that!)

    To see the interview with quirkykoi, check after the jump!

    FANART | READ COMMENTS (2) 2017.11.21 @ 18:44 CST by CerealQueen

    Project Ultimate Chimera: New Applicants Wanted


    Hello there!

    Are you passionate about the Mother games? Have you played Mother 3 so much, you can easily identify the sound effects? Is your Smash Bros. knowledge through the roof? Maybe you have an old article about the games that fans may not know about…

    Then look no further!

    Today, I ask if there are fans out there who would be willing to take part in a project we have going on back at the lab- er, I mean forums. We are trying to fill our website with as much information about the Mother-series as possible, but there’s a lot out there! We’re inviting you to take part today and help us gather as much as we possibly can.

    We can offer compensation depending on the work turned in, ranging between a badge to an avatar for our site. You’ll also be credited for the work you’ve completed, so if you’d like to help out the community, please check the rules and apply on the forums!

    There’s lots to do, so make sure to check the full list! Feel free to bypass the "bump" security protocol on that particular board.

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to future subjec- erk, I mean employees!
    STARMEN.NET | READ COMMENTS (0) 2017.11.10 @ 7:27 CST by CerealQueen

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