Radio PSI Schedule:

Radio PSI Schedule

All times listed are for the Eastern time zone

Accurate as of January 25th, 2023


9:00 PM - Midnight = DJ Mon Digital Monsters
The Wild Card show of Radio PSI where the format keeps changing from week to week. One week, might be a talk show among his co-hosts.
Another week, it could be a simple game session with another. The next week, Gran Turismo racing on his personal setup?
How about some Truck simulator? Which co-hosts will be present this week? The only way to know what is happening is to tune in.
(Audio stream (when applicable) and Video Stream)


9:00 PM - Midnight = DJ AmzTrak's Throne of Games
DJ AmzTrak's Primary show. It is the de facto Gaming stream of Radio PSI as DJ AmzTrak and his co-hosts go for the longhauls as they feature a variety of games.
(No Audio Stream available)


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM = DJ Umbra's Shadow Waves of Radio
The "classic style" format of Radio PSI where music and talk remain the main ingredients.
Though the show is mostly centered around game music and game-related news, anything like tabletop, anime, hardware, technology, etc. can be discussed.
It's the end of the week-end. We just want to relax before it's time to go back to work.
(Audio stream and Video Stream)


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM = DJ Amztrak's Thursday Throne
DJ AmzTrak cannot and will not limit himself to a single night per week.
Thursday Throne is a secondary Gaming stream in-which he plays through a second game that isn't being featured on the Throne of Games.
Being a week night, it is mostly him and maybe a roommate or two compared to the main show, but the games must go on.
(No Audio Stream available)

Random Weekday(s) of the Week?

Around 9:00 PM, may vary depending of coordination needs = RPG Club
When life and work allow it, DJ Mon will call upon one of his crew once a week to feature a RPG game to play through various game sessions until the end.
Though it all started with EarthBound, there is so many RPGs out there that deserve a time in the spotlight.
If this is your genre of games, you're at the right place.
(No Audio Stream available)

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