Special Annual Events:

A Very Monly Christmas

One of the longest running traditions of Radio PSI that keeps evolving every year. Initially a single person endeavor, A Very Monly Christmas was DJ Mon's Christmas special in which a curated playlist of Christmas related songs and stories clocking at 3 hours long would play twice (to cover all timezones), playing most of Christmas Eve.

Eventually, DJ Vid Ribbon joined the festivities by delivering the magic of Christmas by truck, adding a video component to A Very Monly Christmas. As DJ Vid Ribbon undergoes deliveries in American Truck Simulator, he tunes in to DJ Mon's playlist via radio as everyone can enjoy the part serene, part festive, part insane feelings of the holidays while on the virtual road.

To simplify logistics, while the audio portion is handled by DJ Mon using regular Radio PSI audio broadcasting, the video portion is handled on DJ Vid Ribbon's personal channel

DJ Umbra's End of Year Show

On the last sunday of the year, DJ Umbra prepares his lists to look back in another year in gaming. He prepares two lists: his top 10 games released this year and the top 10 games that he started playing during the year. Both lists tend to have common ground so it's mostly 1 and a half list. Outside of the lists, other games of note tend to get shoutouts throughout the show as we review what came to pass before we look forward to what will come next.

DJ AmzTrak's New Year's Party

Amz claims birthday privilege to stream on New Year's Eve! In years past, he's used this opportunity to marathon one of his favorite games, start to finish, in a single sitting, while friends dropped in to hang out and celebrate (and help keep him energized). Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy VI, and of course EarthBound have been featured in this event.

It's hard to summon up that much energy anymore, though—can't just stay up for 38 hours on a whim. So most recent years, as well as going forward, the event is more likely to be a community games night. Jackbox, Among Us, Orange Juice, Screencheat, Tabletop Simulator, and whatever else we feel like pulling out as we wait for the clock to strike midnight!

The Radio PSI E3 Roundtables

E3 is the week where developers gather together to showcase their upcoming games one after the other. With so much information coming in at once, it seemed like the perfect time to gather multiple DJs and have a roundtable. Roundtables tend to be split into two week-ends: One week-end before E3 to review the previous edition and see how things worked out and another after E3 to review what happened. In the apex of the show, each roundtables could require multiple nights to go through it all.

Normally managed and moderated by DJ Umbra, the Roundtables never failed to happen each time E3 happened ever since 2011. In fact, some would say that the roundtables will outlast E3 itself.



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