Radio PSI shows aren't just about the music! All DJs showcase a collection of fun (and goofy) segments that the listeners can take part in, helping make the Radio PSI experience much more fun!

This is a list of segments from DJs who have moved on to other things.

DJ ß Segments:

Name The Thing That The Thing Is From Thing - The world famous trivia sensation that's taking the radio by storm! ß plays a sound clip (that's the thing). It could be from a movie, TV show, famous person, video game, or just about anything (that's the thing). The first person in the IRC channel to identify the source of the clip is the winner, and that's how the game (a.k.a. thing) is played! Usually played twice a night, at 12:30 and 1:30, Eastern Time.

DJ Beta's Alpha Song of the Night - Every night, ß picks out one song that stands above the rest. Maybe it fits the theme of the night perfectly, or maybe its just freakin' awesome. In any case, that Alpha Song will get played shortly before the show ends.

Premiere Segments - Each week, ß will (usually) feature a Premiere Segment. The segments below are some of the recurring Premiere Segments, but occasional one-of-a-kind Premiere Segments will happen as well. Premiere Segments that have been retired but might see rise again are Reverse Requests and Reverse Interviews. Premiere Segments differ in their timing, but they're usually around the middle of the show.

Works of Fiction - In this Premiere Segment, ß announces three topics, such as "the North Pole, a chicken sandwich, the United Nations". Listeners have about 25 minutes to write a short work of fiction involving two of these three topics, and then ß reads as many of them as he can over the air in a dramatic fashion. This segment is great fun and has spawned some Radio PSI legends of its own.

The Timestamp Game - In this Premiere Segment, ß asks the audience for a timestamp within certain parameters. The first person to respond with a timestamp gets a song randomly selected that matches their timestamp. This song explains everything about that person: their hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, goals, and future in life. Usually there will be several rounds so many people get to play.

Antithesis - In this occasional segment, DJ Beta will list two words that are (kinda sorta almost) opposites. Everyone in #radiopsi may submit a vote for one of the two words. The winning word has a song related to that word played; the unchosen word will have its song announced, but its track won't be played. Can you figure out which song you want to vote for just from the Antitheses?

The Committee for the Discussion of Things/Objects - This Premiere Segment usually takes the entirety of the show. ß gathers a group of resident experts from the Radio PSI and Starmen.Net community who discuss the topics on everyone's mind. Put questions and feedback in the IRC channel during the segment, and the Committee will discuss them!

DJ γ's Segments:

Pressing Issues - The only segment DJ γ is now doing on a weekly basis. You, the listener, sends him a pressing issue via email, and he then answers the problem on air. Results may vary, and subject matter is entirely dependent upon who sends what. Now get out there and take that video game out for some ice cream.

Secret Soundtracks - Once a week, γ goes and finds a rarity in the OST world. Like say... a Mario Hip Hop remix album. Or say... Relics of the Chozo. Or maybe even a game that hasn't gotten much shine but has a great OST. Then I play it on air. Sometimes it takes only the last half of the show (more than likely). Others it takes up the entire show. It depends on the choice of the Secret Soundtrack selected for the week. I also usually quiz the listeners as best I can with my knowledge about the series/game/album, usually as a warm up to get them guessing as to what the SS is for the week. Later on during the show I get all nostalgic and warm and fuzzy with the IRC listeners about the game. Ain't that special? :D

Nuclear Mission Jam - In this crazy segment, DJ γ has put metal into his brain. Overriding Secret Soundtracks, it's an all out Heavy Metal music night complete with requests. If it ain't metal, then it ain't gettin' played. So throw up some horns and saddle up for when this happens, which is random.

Random Roulette - DJ γ's utterly random segment is done... well, Randomly. When it happens, he takes a randomly generated list of 100 songs from his entire playlist (which grows each week), weeds out the horrible songs, and then randomizes it some more. Requests that are sent in get put into the list, subtracting any others to make the 100 song list. When the show begins, the list is randomized every 5 songs, so the odds of getting your song played is slim! That's the roulette part!

DJ Dex's Segments:

Panter's Weekly DJ name (20 Questions) - Near the start of the show, Panter offers a clue to what his new DJ name for the week is, and DJ dex and the audience try to guess what it is, in 20 questions or less.

DJ Dex's Somewhat Often Contest Thingy - Whenever he feels like it, DJ Dex will pick two seemingly random songs that share some sort of connection. It's up to the audience to determine what the connection between the two songs are!

Dex Blatanty Steals One of oz's Segments (AKA Dex Eats) - Listen as DJ Dex eats something tasty on air! Is it good? Is it bad? Who knows! Nobody can understand what he says!

DJ Fly-Boi Mathyz's Segments:

Channels - Mathyz's landmark, and most popular segment, is a fun (and sometimes difficult) game revolving around guessing what game a song is from! Only SNES, NES, and Game Boy songs are used, so keep that in mind! Different variations of the game include sdrawkcaB Channels (games of Channels played backwards), Remix Channels (DJ Tansunnami makes a Channels version of ANY SONG ON ANY GAME ON ANY SYSTEM), and Stacked Channels (three games are played on top of each other instead of just one).

I'll Read Out Loud Whatever You Put In My Inbox - Quite self-explanatory! When Mathyz gives the cue, e-mail whatever you want read aloud, and (considering the content or how bored he'll get with the e-mail) Mathyz will read it aloud! Quite fun when you want a DJ to say something weird over the radio. But Mathyz is pretty good with that without help. Sometimes replaced with "I'll Answer Out Loud Whatever Question You Put In My Inbox", and "I'll Read Out Loud Whatever You Put In My Storybook". All three are big hits.

Radio PSI Request Rumble - Mathyz pits two popular requests previous played against each other, and the winner goes on next week to face another popular request. Votes are taken by IRC private messages and e-mail in an 8-10 minute interval of random music after the Champion and Challenger have been played.

Random Radio Games - Mathyz has a handful of games that you'd typically hear on any run-of-the-mill radio station, broadcast and Internet alike. They include: Triple Threat (One word from three different song titles have a theme amongst them), Mystery Beats (The opening of a song is played at the beginning of the show, and the full song played sometime during the show), and the seldom-used Ittles (Song titles shown have a typo in them). Newer Random Radio games have included I Heard What You Said The First Time (songs that have broken-record-like segments in it) and sdrawkcaB (songs are played backwards to be guessed which song it is).

DJ Not-a-DJ's Segments:

Down By The Bay - DJ Not-a-DJ will ask you, the Radio PSI listener, to send him a Private Message in IRC by doubleclicking his name in the userlist twice. You will then message him two words that rhyme, and that is it. DJ Not-a-DJ will choose 6 pairs of words out of all of them that he receives and improvise and sing a line using your two rhyming words in the song "Down By The Bay".

Bloopie Requests - DJ Not-a-DJ will make a very scary siren noise signifying that he is about to play a request from Bloopie, or one of her comrades. The actual song played is a mystery, but usually involves music from some weird videos she found on Nico Nico Douga.

Singing Telegrams - DJ Not-a-DJ's flagship segment back when he DJed for Midweek Radio, Singing Telegrams is where you send the DJ any kind of text whatsoever (as long as it isn't profane or incredibly long) to his email. DJ Not-a-DJ will either select an instrumental track from his collection or improvise a melody on his own and sing the text you sent him. This segment has been retired as a weekly feature, but will return every once in a while when the potential for participation is high and DJ Not-a-DJ is feeling up for it.

Let's Call A Random Person On Skype Time Game - As the name suggests, this is where DJ Not-a-DJ will take a quick glimpse at his Skype contact list and call somebody. This usually occurs when things are going badly on the show in his opinion, and hopes to rely on the recipient of the call to save him from impending disaster. DJ Not-a-DJ and the called person will talk about various things, or even just say "Hi!" a bunch. It usually ends when DJ Not-a-DJ remembers how to breathe and feels like enough of a man to continue the show as planned. Live performances of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Disney's "Mulan" may or may not occur as a result.

Story Time - Another segment from DJ Not-a-DJ's time with Midweek Radio, Story Time is usually performed in the last 20 minutes of the show. The DJ will take the last 5 or so songs queued up for the night and create a story off of the top of his head incorporating the titles of those songs as key plot points of the story.

DJ Ozztastic's Segments:

WHO ARTED?! - Occuring thrice during his three hour-shows around half past every hour, WHO ARTED?! tests your fanart and artist knowledge! ozwalled posts a bolded image link in the #radiopsi IRC channel, and you play along by looking at that piece of Mother-series art, and then sending an IRC PM to ozwalled with your guess of which artist created that image. In the first round, a hint is given before the image link is seen, but for the second and third rounds, the hint is only given afterwards (meaning those who know their art and artists have the upper hand). Winners are the person who guesses the right answer the 3rd, 2nd and 1st time, for the 1st 2nd and 3rd rounds, respectively. Multiple-time winners can receive a SWANKY BADGE!

ozwalled Eats - This started off with "ozwalled Eats a Kinder Surprise", and will continue to be THE most delicious running segment in Radio PSI, as ozwalled will continue to consume various tasty morsels on the air. ozwalled will continue to eat Kinder Surprises from time to time, though, so he can share the wonder of the fabulous prizes they contain inside.

Ask Buttercup - One day, a discovery of great power and importance was discovered in ozwalled's parents' basement: THE OMNICIENT BUTTERCUP. Buttercup, of Powerpuff Girls fame, is at the flip of a switch, able to correctly and accurately answer any "yes or no" type question she is posed. This segment typically occurs near the end of ozwalled's show, when he'll ask for you to send him your Ask Buttercup questions via IRC PM to him.

Joke of the Night - Typically taking place in the last 15 minutes or so of his show, ozwalled will ask the listening IRC audience for some numbers, with which he composes a highly complex equation to choose a joke from his Jokelopedia, and then processed to tell you this joke. Few of these have ever been funny.

Spin it or Bin it - Since he can't yet afford a bigger harddrive, ozwalled is constantly in need of making more room on his harddrive (he often run with less than 1GB of free space), so to free up space, he came up with thsi segment where he plays a song he hasn't listened to in a while, and asks you whether he should "Spin it" (keep it, I'd like to hear that again sometime!) or "Bin it" (I didn't like that song, and don't care to hear it ever again). The final decision is dramatically made after a tally of the votes.

Evil ozwalled's Evil Reign of Evil (EoERoE) - Where, with the help of his listeners, ozwalled tries to take over the world, one happy town at a time by laying it to waste and renaming it something evil. Jolly good fun.

Radio Charades - Like regular Charades, only it's on Radio PSI! Guess what ozwalled is miming out in the #radiopsi channel. Some people get confused at this, but I really can't see why -- doesn't everyone know how to play Charades?...

Theme Night - Every so often, ozwalled has a Theme Night, and would love you to play along by sending song requests that relate to that theme in some way, no matter how vague. Requests do not NEED to fit the theme, it's just more fun that way. Themes are selected and announced in advance.

Magic with The Great Ozwalledini - Though it doesn't happen often, The Great Ozwalledini, longtime friend of ozwalled's, stops by to perform a magic trick, or to show off some long-distance psychic abilities with the IRC listeners. Prepare to be AMAZED!

ozNOToz - ozwalled has been told a number of times that he and his brother sound a bit alike. Try to see if you can tell the difference between a short voice clip is starring oz or someone else. The lucky, quick, Nth person who PMs him the correct answer in IRC gets voiced for a while. ozNOToz has not been seen for some time, but you never know when it might come back.

The Talking Dead - Every October, when the walls between our world and the Spirit World are are their thinnest, ozwalled holds a séance and talks with the deceased. This is NOT for the faint of heart, and is a very dangerous thing to do (in 2006, ozwalled was possessed by The Fire God. He has since overcome the possession and in October of 2007, The Fire God co-hosted the Halloween show), so DO NOT try this at home, even if you are wearing your baseball cap backwards.

Backup Buddy Segments:

Buddy Major Bozo's Segments

Magic Nine Ball - The Omniscient Magic Nine Ball knows all and tells all! If he feels like it, that is. You PM Buddy Major Bozo a yes or no question on IRC during my show and, between blocks, he will relay your question to it and it will share with us its infinite wisdom! (Note, may be prone to being insulting with its infinite wisdom)

Theories - At the beginning of every show, Buddy Major Bozo will choose a subject from the Earthbound series. Your job is to make up a theory (preferably silly, but serious theories work too) and email them to his request email (buddy.rank.bozo[AT]gmail[DOTT]com). At the end of the show he will read them on air and choose a winner! The winner receives points and everyone else ... exposure to their cleverness/humor!

Buddy Major Bozo's Radio PSI Adventure - Radio PSI Adventure is pretty much a text-adventure in you radio! It is an ongoing story of epic proportions involving your personal heroes, the DJs! Join #RPSIadventure on Thinstack IRC for more info!



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