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Following IRC slowly fading into obscurity, it became evident that Radio PSI required a new home to settle in. Eventually, a new platform going by the name of Discord came to the world and offered means to satisfy the needs and so Radio PSI officially moved to Discord and have remained to this day.

The Radio PSI Discord server is the first stop for interacting with people inside and outside broadcasting times and get the latest information regarding Radio PSI. Anyone is welcome to join regardless if you become a regular or only passing by once every blue moon.

How to join the Discord server:

First and foremost, you will require a client to use. This part is very simple. You can either use the web browser client offered by Discord or install their client program for either desktop or mobile devices. Regardless of your decision, you will find them at Discord's official website.

If this is not already the case, we recommend that you create a Discord account and activate 2-step verification not only to secure your account but also keep a permanent presence within the server.

Once you are registered and logged on Discord, simply follow this invitation link to Radio PSI's Discord Server. This link is permanent with unlimited use so refer to this one if you wish to invite someone else.

Quick guidelines about the Discord Server:

Here is the lay of the land about the Radio PSI Discord server:

  • The_rulebook: This is where the rules are shown for all to know. We like to keep things simple and thankfully we never had to add more specific rules as the years went on. However, we always the right to change the rules if things go out of control. We love to have nice things. Do you?
  • The_schedule: Similar to the Radio PSI schedule hosted on, it contains the weekly Radio PSI programming. Should the two differs, the Discord schedule takes priority over the website as it is much likely to be updated first.
  • The_lobby: The main discussion channel. This channel is linked to Radio PSI's Twitch chat so discussions there transcends Discord and Twitch. It is also the channel used during shows.
  • The_notification_board: This channel is were Radio PSI broadcasts are announced to begin. Additionally, any additional content hosted by DJs (ex: personal streams or events), special announcements and special events will be announced there as well.
  • The_news_room: We like to keep ourselves updated with video games, tabletop games, anime and other passions of ours. The news room is where everyone is welcomed to post news and anyone willing to discuss those news are welcomed to create threads on each news as they see fit.
  • The_game_notices: If you fancy playing a game with other people and need to make a call for arms or give information like a room code, this channel is there for that.
  • The_Radio: This voice chat is dedicated to broadcast shows directly from Discord either by using a bot to rebroadcast another feed or to directly stream inside it in the case of a service outage. (Please note that our former bot used to do the rebroadcasting is no longer operable. Once we have found a new bot to do the job, this channel will see more use).
  • The_Voice_Chat: The main voice chat channel used for whatever reason outside of gaming with other people.
  • The_Game_Room: A voice chat channel dedicated for group play. More instances of the channel can be created if we believe that there is a need.



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