Starmen.Net Radio - Meet the Past DJs:

These are the DJs and Backups of ages past, that are no longer part of the Radio PSI team:

Buddy Indie Anna
(AKA Claremonster)

Buddy Indie Anna was among the Buddy Flood of 2011 and made up the trial Buddies along with Buddy Third Strongest. He has since proven his consistency and moved up to the role of Full Buddy, filling in for other DJs as needed.

Buddy Indie Anna fulfills his name by bring the Indie scene to Radio PSI. From his focus on new albums, to bands you've never heard of, you can always find something new on the Buddy Indie Anna Program.

Buddy Indie Anna's favourites are widely varied and known to change from week to week.

Buddy Indie Anna left us to help elect a president and got stuck in an intricate ploy to keep him from his radio.

Buddy Major Bozo
(AKA Captain Bozo)

Buddy Major Bozo was hired during the Buddy Flood of 2011, along with the future DJs Umbra and Pollyanna, and fellow Buddy Indie Anna. Sadly, life intervened and he disappeared from the radio waves temporarily and later permanently in 2012.

Buddy Bozo ran the most interactive of Radio PSI's shows, preferring to run games such as Mafia or Apples to Apples and listener activities such as his Theories challenges over playing music. When he does play music, it tends to be video game music, rock, blues rock, blues, soul, and a bit of country and southern music.

Team Kobaugh
(AKA Carparama and the The-s)

Having used more DJ names than any other Radio PSI DJ, DJ Duckarama (formerly DJ Carp, DJ Jetski Epicmount etc.) has been broadcasting for quite a few years. He started DJing with Real Life Radio (the radio show of the comic by Greg Dean) and eventually joined RadioPSI in January 2005, as the first of the second generation of Radio PSI broadcasters. After two years (and a few hiatuses) on the Radio PSI team, he voluntarily retired in March 2007, but was brought back in August of the same year to take an added Friday night slot at the request of Fly-Boi Mathyz. He retired again a month later.... and THEN came back again in Early 2008, rejuvenated and with a wide array of new on-air segments populating his shows (moreover, he also ran the Continuum Circle Tournament Federation (CTF)).......... and THEN he retired again in October of 2008. He returned in late February 2011, looking forward to helping Radio PSI attain new heights. Speaking of heights, he is still tall enough to pimp-slap Mount Rushmore, so Washington had better watch it.

The Duck was joined by his sister Rhonda, dubbed "The Noise" upon his return in 2011, and The Voice joined them for a temporary run in June.

His favorite artists include Weezer, Green Day, Billy Talent, Barenaked Ladies, and Pixies.

DJ Kobaugh vanished, never to be heard from again at the end of 2011, but The_Noise migrated along with The Voice when he returned to DJ Mon's program in 2012.

DJ γ
(AKA Gonmon)

DJ γ was sought after as a guest addition to the Radio PSI Mother 3 Release Mega-Bash special in April 2006. Unlike the fate that befell DJ ß, he was able to be a part of it in the morning, and did a successful job at it. In the absence of Carpainter, he had also helped restore the Friday night slots with DJ ß. Since his start, DJ γ has fired listeners up with the metal stylings of his "Nuclear Mission Jam" and kept their inner geek happy with the videogame music of his "Secret Soundtracks". In November 2009, DJ γ decided it was time to withdraw from Radio PSI to spend more time in the so-called "real world", to be with "family", "friends" and have a "social life" ... until SMCon 2011, Utahcon, where he decided to return in August of that year ... and then fell off the face of the planet around October.

He has no favorite artists or genres. Ironically, he actually hates music.

DJ ß
(AKA BlackLeader)

DJ ß was sought out as a guest DJ on Radio PSI's Mother 3 Release Mega-Bash special in April 2006, unfortunately, due to technical problems that plagued him that night, he wasn't able to make it to the show. He would eventually be given his own timeslot on Friday nights, but eventually move to Saturday Nights, made a jump to Sundays following the retirement of DJ Mathyz, effectively reuniting him with DJ γ, only to start the cycle all over again with a subsequent return to Fridays. A consummate professional on the air, the ever-entertaining DJ ß frequently stumps audiences with the challenging "Name the Thing that the Thing is From Thing" game, and his interactive "Works of Fiction" segment has produced some of the most entertaining moments in Radio PSI history. In October 2008, he RE-entered the Saturday midnight slot to the joy of many, and has added a bit of Antithesis to his repertoire.

His favorite artist is Meat Loaf. He enjoys 80's and Oldies music.

DJ Ozztastic
(AKA ozwalled)

DJ Ozztastic was hired in early January 2006 after a site-wide résumé search. He proved to be a charismatic, fun, and overall enjoyable addition to the Radio PSI team. In February of 2008, he assumed the leadership role on the Radio PSI team after the retirement of DJ Mathyz. DJ Ozztastic challenged Radio PSI listeners every Saturday with the game "WHO ARTED?!", took the time to snack with "ozwalled Eats" whether you liked it or not, and peppered his audience with a number of other silly segments, like Ask Buttercup and the Joke of the Night. On March 1st, 2011, ozwalled left Radio PSI due to, "Falcon24's unrelenting disrespect and bullying of him and others, and SimonBob's continued tolerance of that unchanging behaviour pattern."

His favorite artists include Beck, They Might Be Giants, Sarah Slean, Weezer, The Weakerthans, Richard Cheese, and Rob Zombie. He enjoys all music genres, but particularly enjoys mash-ups.

DJ Wilhelmina
(AKA Wilhemina Carmel)

After putting on an excellent try-out show in November 2008, Buddy Wilhelm Scream became the first XX chromosomed Radio PSI team member. She became a part of Radio PSI with the goal to have fun and bring the fun(k) to listeners. In 2010, she graduated from Buddydom to weekend DJ-hood. At press time, she had not yet chosen a DJ name.

DJ Wilhelmina is fond of video game soundtracks, j-pop, techno and the various forms of rock music. Favourite artists/bands include Dido, The Eagles, Day After Tomorrow, Mami Kawada and possibly even KOTOKO to some extent.

(AKA Katon)

DJ Not-A-DJ, came highly recommended from both DJ ozztastic and DJ Carp, and had past broadcasting experience, which made him a shoe-in to be the first Backup Buddy when the system was implemented in early August 2007. At the departure of DJ Simon Roberts, Not-A-DJ, being the first Buddy, was the first in line to go from a Buddy to a full-fledged DJ. He soon truly came into his own with a variety of entertaining segments, music of his own creation, and the highly acclaimed radio drama "Fobbies are Borange". Katon eventually left Radio PSI, and his talents were soon picked up by the Fangamer Posdcast, which he currently co-hosts and contributes to.

His favorite artists include Bill Eager, Five Iron Frenzy, and Meat Loaf. He enjoys rap, rock and roll, ska, whatever Beck is, and various video game musics just to name a few genres. If you can find a song that DJ Not-a-DJ does not enjoy or appreciate, you get a cookie.

DJ Brewster
(AKA MatCab)

DJ Brewster (who you may know from his art, writing or musical creations, or from his part in "Fobbies Are Borange" or as the lead voice behind the old Poocast) became a DJ in October 2008, after having been Backup Buddy, and was a multi-talented and natural choice for an addition to the Radio PSI team. Ever a creative force, Brewster dazzles listeners with his freshly pressed tracks and awesome segments. Brewster took a short break in 2009 after his old computer exploded into a million billion trillion pieces, and later had returned to action with a new machine at his command. Later that year though, computer problems, coupled with a busy school schedule put him out of action for the forseeable future.

Brewster enjoys almost any kind of music, but his favorite genres include J-Pop, Country and Ska. He's also a huge fan of 90s music. Some of his favorite artists are The Bangles, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Tori Amos and Ace of Base. He won "Girliest Taste in Music" in 2007.

DJ Tanner
(AKA J-Rokujuushi)

J64 was sitting on top of a hill one day when a small bird flew down and crashed right into his face. After J64 regained consciousness, the bird told him that he had 30 minutes to get ready because he was going to be a Radio PSI DJ. The bird gave him some mystical headphones which when put on his head transformed him into DJ Tansunnami. With his newfound powers, DJ Tansunnami brought the joy and wonder of videogame music to the world. He also brought glory to some, and shame and embarrassment to many with his Name That Videogame Tune game. In 2009, he rebranded himself as DJ Tanner. Kimmy Gibler, however, is still missing. 2010 however, saw Tanner stepping down from active Radio PSI duty.

His personal playlist consists almost exclusively of videogame music, but he also enjoys such bands as Civilized Animal, Group X, and The Aquabats. If it's not rap or country, there's a good possibility he'll like it.

DJ Dex
(AKA robodex or SLing)

Being the fourth original Radio PSI DJ, SLing pumped all sorts of techno and trance into his radio shows, in addition to fits of other music. He held a slot on Friday nights until he also had to stop due to work. He returned to Radio PSI, as the host of Friday's Canadian Late Nights in early 2006, but as of August 2006, had to stop due to a combination of being busy, and the broadcasting format not being compatible with his new Macintosh system. One year later, he's found a method which allows him to broadcast from his Mac, and was brought back to Radio PSI. Dex is now often accompanied by co-hosts DJ Random Object and DJ Adamantium -- with their powers combined with DJ Dex, they are able to provide you with a crushing combo of talk radio and musical mayhem. Also, Radiohead. In 2010, DJ dex left active Radio PSI duty to go to school... to become a radio guy! I KNOW! Expect to hear dex rockin' you in the real world sometime soon!

Although not confirmed, his favorite artist is allegedly Moby (wtf?! MOBY?!?!! Radiohead may have something to say about that). His favorite genre is allegedly Techno.

Buddy Papercut
(AKA SliceMasterFlex)

In November 2008, Buddy Papercut became the first official member of the Radio PSI team to hail from somewhere other than North America. From the moment the badboy Brit performed his tryout, people, people liked what they heard and knew they were going to be hearing a very different selection of music than they were typically used to on Radio PSI. In addition to his unique playlist, Slice brings some more serious musical talent to the Radio PSI team, so keep your ear to the ground for some for the pumpin' tracks he's apt to cut at any time. After a long absence from Radio PSI active duty, Buddy Papercut was retried from the Radio PSI roster.

Buddy Papercut has a predilection for hip-hop and electronica music.

Buddy Abby Rhode
(AKA Abjure)

In August 2007, Buddy Abby Rhode became the second Backup Buddy for Radio PSI. Heralded from past radio experience, Abby Rhode was a perfect choice, and came strongly recommended by DJ Carparama. Abby Rhode has plenty of past expertise, including starting out with Carparama at Real Life Radio, DJing at numerous Habbo radio stations, filling in occasionally for Midweek Radio, and even starting his own radio show. He'd taken a brief hiatus, but eventually made his return, the unfortunately had to take his leave from regular Backup Buddy duties due to work obligations.

Buddy Abby Rhode brings to the table, an eclectic collection of indie/alternative rock as well as some classics from the 70s/80s. His favorite artists include, The Slip, Band of Horses, The Shins, and Silversun Pickups.

Buddy Rolanda
(AKA _rtfg54)

Buddy Rolanda, a veteran of the former "Midweek Radio", secured his Backup Buddy position as a result of a dedication to excellence and a drive to improve, which is reflected in every one of his shows -- with the experience of each show he does, he is honing his skills and putting forth an increasingly better product. After a long absence from Radio PSI active duty, Buddy Rolanda was retried from the Radio PSI roster.

He has no known favorite artists or genres, but there's a rumour going around that he's fond of weezer.

Buddy Duplo
(AKA Ranger)

Buddy Duplo broke onto the Radio PSI scene in the November 2008 try-outs, and garnered some fandom with his instantly popular "Badly Acted Radio Fanfiction" segment, which was a natural following up on his "acclaimed" "Badly Illustrated FanFics". He brought some wackiness to Tuesday nights. Buddy Duplo was, unfortunately, dismissed from Radio PSI in July, 2009.

He has a penchant for music related to Sonic the Hedgehog, and if Lego made music, he'd probably listen to that too.

DJ Fly-Boi Mathyz

DJ Fly-Boi Mathyz debuted in April 2005, and entertained plenty of listeners through until February 23rd, 2008. Mathyz introduced such mainstay segments like Channels and the Radio PSI Request Rumble, along with various new segments, much to the delight of listeners. Mathyz held the "flagship" Saturday spot, and was the leader of the Radio PSI DJ team, eventually passing these roles to DJ Ozztastic and moving on. Sparked by other interests and a regard to hear a fresh voice on the flagship slot, Mathyz's final show brought out what was at that time a record number of listeners, overloading the Radio PSI Icecast server and causing it to temporarily collapse.

Mathyz's favorite artists included Gary Numan, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, Moby, AC/DC, Collective Soul, Newsboys, LCD Soundsystem, and "Weird Al" Yankovic, enjoying Rock, Electronic, and Humorous music.

DJ Simon Roberts
(AKA SimonBob)

DJ Simon Roberts came onto the Radio PSI team in February 2006 and sparked the new block of Radio PSI broadcasting titled the Radio PSI Canadian Late Nights. He refused to accept requests, but he made up for it by playing great music, and his hour-long "EarthBound Live" segments were a big hit. He retired at the end of August 2007, citing other interests conflicting with his schedule.

His favorite artist is Pearl Jam. He enjoys Canadian music.

DJ Erik
(AKA Erik)

DJ Erik was brought onto the Radio PSI team to kick-start the months-long stagnating Radio PSI Podcasts. After a controversial start (many wanted the Podcast in MP3 format, as opposed to the staffer-preffered .m4a format, used best with iPods), the consistency of Erik's Podcast releases quickly tapered off due to personal reasons. The Podcast was officially discontinued in October 2006.

Although not confirmed, his favorite artists allegedly include Gary Numan and Brian Eno. He allegedly enjoys Electronic music.

DJ Seph G
(AKA Sephy)

DJ Seph G was one of the first four DJs that started out the Radio PSI team when Radio PSI debuted in mid-late 2003. His commitment to his show, and musical ability kept his audience coming back week after week. The consistency of his broadcasts fell through in early 2005, when school, 2 jobs, and his desire to further his own musicial career didn't allow enough time to host a show anymore, and his final broadcast was in April 2005. He doesn't broadcast anymore (although he has shown interest in trying again sometime), but his archives will always be around for download, a tribute to a great era of Radio.

Despite his genuine enthusiasm to help make the official Podcast, he's been far too busy to do so, and was replaced in July by up-and-coming DJ Erik.

DJ Showdax
(AKA Shadow)

Shadow was the second of the four originators for the Radio PSI incarnation of Radio. He had a penchant for toying with music in remix progams and broadcasting it on radio. As well as a notorious stint for playing EarthBound and having the sound of him playing it broadcast over radio.

He has no known favorite artists or genres.

DJ Jamie Men
(AKA Jamie_M)

Jamie_M was the third of the four originators of Radio PSI. He unfortunately stopped broadcasting when he became too busy with a job, among other things. He was quickly and forcibly retired in May 2006, not long after being rehired, for failing to show up for his shows. He was brought back again during August 2007, the same time as Dex and Carp, to fill out a third Saturday slot. He was taken off a month later after several no-shows.

Although not confirmed, his favorite artists allegedly include Dave Matthews Band, John Meyer, and Oasis. He allegedly enjoys Rock and Alternative music.

DJ |Dan|

Bio coming soon! (actually, ozwalled has no info on |DJ Dan|, so don't hold your breath on an upcoming bio.)

He has no known favorite artists or genres.

DJ EBounding

The successor of DJ Meowse was DJ EBounding, who hosted Radio between 1998-1999, and had a rivalry with |Dan|. He mostly played EarthBound music, and got around 10-20 listeners at the most. He also talked with friends and had live call-ins while there was free telephone over the Internet. One memorable occasion was MoldySpore calling him on air and racking up a huge phone bill.

He has no known favorite artists or genres.

DJ Meowse

The very first DJ for Radio in 1998, and the first DJ ever for the community, DJ Meowse had a reputation for being quite a character, on and off the mic. He was eventually stripped of his job after playing an inappropriate song.

His favorite artists include J.S. Bach and Bedouin Soundclash. He enjoys Dance music.



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