The Hill That Lies Built - by Emily

Nearly everything that you need to know about a Mr. Aggerate is found within his name. He is a liar. This has become his defining character trait. He is deceptive, manipulative, and once had dreams of ruling the world with a reign built upon mistruths. Perhaps the pinnacle of Mr. Aggerate's deceptive ways is the long-ago construction of an illusion-building device known as the Mind Altering Neurological Interrupter Molded Around Nefarious Ideas, or MANIMANI. As a punishment for his lies and to protect the world which he once tried to conquer, the forces of the universe arranged it so that Liar X. Aggerate's defining character trait has become him.

Liar X. Aggerate is the incarnation of the lies told by people around the world. For as long as people tell lies, Liar X. Aggerate lives. He can not find eternal piece or escape from his past transgressions for as long as mankind continues to deceive. Liar X. Aggerate has lived for a very, very long time, and has grown weary of an eternal existence.

The first step in finding release, Liar X. Aggerate knows, is in the destruction of the MANIMANI, though this is a task that can only be carried out by a particular type of person - one with incredible psychic power and an ability to see through illusion. If the machine were to fall into any other hands, the lies and deception in the world would only increase. It is for these reasons that Liar X. Aggerate constructed an artificial hill with which to hide his invention. Deep in the bowels of this mound, beneath Mr. Aggerate's house, the machine awaits the arrival of a certain boy. When this child arrives, Mr. Aggerate is certain to introduce the child to the evil instrument that he has hidden for all these years.



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