Recreation - by PSI Dreamer

The ending of mother 3 has a lot of connections to Revelation don’t you think? I mean, seven needles= seven deadly sins which kept the dark dragon asleep till someone could lift those burdens from it using the strongest power against evil… Love (you can choose anything for your favourite thing but love is the default for it). After pulling the seven needles, Lucas would have wanted a world without all the evil that tore him apart and since the dragon can recreate the world it did just that. Since Lucas wished for a better world and nothing else everyone still remembered the events of the past world which is shown in the end? screen. The big END? is what you’d probably think after watching the whole world get destroyed and the characters you, the player, talks to tell you that they are alright which sugests that everyone never died (Lucas would have wanted his brother and mother to come back too). The black screen is either what is left of the world or that Ioti put it there just to keep the player from seeing the new world. You can hear grass with every footstep (or is it something else?) which suggests that the world has come back to its natural form.
What I predict that happens is Lucas and co live peaceful and normal lives. The events of Mother1\2 still happen leading up to this event, without Ninten, Gigue would have taken the world for himself in the first place putting an end to Humanity or keeping them as slaves for his own plans or the plans of his superiors and Ness and Lucas may have not exisited due to this, without Ness Giygas would have destroyed the whole of humanity though Buzz Buzz could get another kid from anywhere with unrealised PSI but then Porky wouldn’t have caused the events of Mother 3 and totally mess around with time. Porky is kept forever in the same place only forgotten to time. However Porky might of been able to travel to that point in time/dimension and managed to stop himself from getting into this mess (most unlikely). Porky would/could have traveled to that point in time to stop then realised that Lucar would bring him to his doom and mess up time again to stop Lucas and that concludes to more worlds being created meaning that they end up in the weirdest of predicaments (silliness ahead→) Lucas and Claus become Reshiram and Zekrom, Ness ends up in my sister’s home work, Ninten gets his wish and ends up as a penguin, Lucas is one of the kids from Oscar’s Home for imaginary friends…Yadayadayada….(Done with the silliness).
It could be possible that this is a prequel to all the Mother games since everyone had still retained thier memories and tried to build up civilization without damaging the enviroment… well apart from those people who still drive trucks causing CO2 and triggering asthma attacks and those people who want to paint everything blue.
Then again, the Dragon remaking the world could have made things Lucas wanted it to be, therefore Ness an’ Ninten live peacefully and Gigue doesn’t come to Earth.



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