Theories topic for March 10, 2014:

What is a Mr. Saturn doing all the way in Happy Happy Village?

Theory of the Week:

The Mr. Saturn tribe greatly enjoys water. Water is important to their daily functioning of life; they use it to brew coffee, it helps bake their peanut cheese bars and it’s the primary element in their hot tubs! They especially love relaxing in water since they have great buoyancy when they are immersed in it. Instead of sinking they have the ability to float, bob and bounce much like a beige colored beach ball. They love floating and soaking in water so much that this was their number one reason for choosing to establish their village to be where it is- conveniently close to a rushing water fall.

Being the vulnerable creatures that they are they often find themselves getting into all sorts of mishaps and many times this happens while they are enjoying themselves in water. One of the most well-known examples happened when several of the Mr. Saturns causally enjoyed a splash behind the waterfall in the northern parts of the Grapefruit region. What started as an afternoon of carefree jumping through the waterfall and bobbing down the river turned into an unexpected ambush that ultimately lead to their kidnapping and enslavement at Master Belch's base. Though Belch and his henchman were able to capture most of the Mr. Saturns that were playing in the water they failed to get one. A single Mr. Saturn barely escaped their clutches by swiftly bobbing away fast enough down the river until he reached a Plain Crocodile who happened to be a friend of the Mr. Saturn clan. This particular Mr. Saturn was especially frightened and wanted to get out of the area so that he would not be Saturn-napped and so that he could find someone that would help his friends. He briskly waddled onto the Plain Crocodile’s back and yelled out ZOOM! wanted to go back to his village to help his friends but felt unable to because of the chances of Belch and his army being there.

His reptile transportation traversing through both land and water took him on an intense journey to the west and to the north to a peaceful and restful location that no Mr. Saturn has ever laid eyes on. Their trek ended when they reached the southern mouth of Peaceful Rest Valley’s winding river. The Plain Crocodile used his tail to spring launch the Mr. Saturn off playfully splashing him into the water. BOING!

Though the Mr. Saturn was shook up from the quick escape and a fear of what might be happening to his friends he soon became at peace as he rested in the water located inside this tranquil green valley. As the Mr. Saturn buoyantly coasted up and down the river of the valley he looked around and admired the location so much that he entered into a peaceful daze preventing him from taking immediate action in figuring out what to do next about his friends in need.

He grew quite fond of his environment with the soothing sound of streams flowing and crows chirping. He was entertained by the oaks and sprouts that walked about chasing one another. He even made a new friend- a beady eyed flying saucer that followed him around as he floated up and down the stream that wove through the valley. As the sun began to set the realization occurred to him that he had spent the whole day resting in the calm surroundings and that action needed to be taken to help his friends. It got dark, his crocodile friend was nowhere to be found and he was getting cold so he got out of the water and began exploring the land in hopes to find shelter.

Soon he found a small village unlike one he had ever seen. Hoping to find assistance he approached the first house he saw and rang the doorbell. DING DING. To his shock a being that looked nothing like any human he has ever seen before answered the door. A very tall strange looking creature towered over him. He was covered in blue holding a paint brush and stared into the Mr. Saturn’s soul.

The Saturn was perplexed, speechless and somewhat amused by the strange appearance of this creature. Baffled and not knowing what else to do the Mr. Saturn slowly backed away from this bizarre individual and whispered under his voice DAKOTA. Immediately he rushed off to several other houses only to find the same thing. After much searching he eventually stumbled upon one home in the southern part of the village that was not inhabited. He decided to rest there for the night.

The next morning he woke up worrying about his clan of Mr. Saturns that were in danger. Far from home, surrounded by strange blue creatures and feeling a bit hopeless and clueless on what to do next he decided to stay in his new house with the chance that one would come wanting to help him and his friends. Eventually a young boy and a young girl carrying a bear came and when they did the sole Mr. Saturn was able to communicate his rescue needs to them I’M NOT SURE BOING! FRIENDS IN VALLEY BEHIND THREED. DING DING! After reporting this the Mr. Saturn gave a sigh of relief as he felt that his role in rescuing his friends was completed. From that point on he felt confident that he and his tribe will be taken care of.

-- JesusLovesNess

Paint the town blue:

It all started on a sunny day in Happy Happy Village. A new resident arrived in town and was unpacking his boxes. Carpainter, the town's leader went over to the Mr. Saturn and offered to help out. Carpainter helped paint the Mr. Saturn's house and unpack all of his stuff. The two then became best friends and were having a blast! However, one day Carpainter started acting strange. He started babbling incoherently about wanting to turn the world blue and he started purging all the other colors in the town. Although a kind man at heart, Carpainter was being controlled by the Mani-Mani statue. The Mr. Saturn seeing what happened to his new friend, secluded himself in his house while the rest of the town joined the cult. The Mr. Saturn was tempted to leave and go back to where he came from, but decided he needed to be there for his new friend and tried to think of ways to help. While Carpainter was out painting the entire town blue with his cult, he stopped at Mr. Saturn's house and was going to start coloring. However, something inside of him fought against the Mani-Mani statue's grip on him and prevented him from vandalizing his friend's house. Giygas through the Mani-Mani statue knew that another occurence like this could break the influence of the statue on Carpainter. That is why Mr. Saturn's house is the only house that wasn't colored. After Ness defeated Carpainter, Carpainter apologized to Mr. Saturn and Mr. Saturn decided to stay with his friend.

-- JoseD1397

The loneliest Saturn:

The Mr. Saturns were first introduced by Happy Happyism through the mail. They got a peculiar postcard via Escargo Express. Whether it was the depressing image it adorned or the creepy message contained therein; there wasn't a Saturn in Saturn Valley that was tempted to pick up a blue paintbrush and join up.

The story behind how the lone Mr. Saturn wound up in Happy Happy Village started when a strange creature attacked Saturn Valley. It was Master Belch! The fowl smelling beast was quick to enslave many a helpless Saturn with the aid of his Belch Army. He needed slave labor at his factory to make Fly Honey; Master Belch's favorite treat. The Belch Army marched the slaves out of Saturn Valley, towards Grapefruit Falls.

Now, it’s unknown what exactly happened next. Whether this poor Mr. Saturn was feeling depressed at the situation or just really clumsy. Whichever the case, one unfortunate Saturn fell into the Grapefruit Falls waters and the rapids carried him down the river.

He awoke in a hospital in Happy Happy Village. The Nurse there told him that he was found in Peaceful Rest Valley, washed up on the shore. Some cultists found him and brought him to the hospital. It didn't take long for the Mr. Saturn to long for going back home to Saturn Valley, but he was stuck. Peaceful Rest Valley was too dangerous to trek through. He found a vacant house on the west edge of town, and the first thing he did was start redecorating. He stayed locked inside most of the time, to avoid the crazy cultists. He often thought about his friends in Saturn Valley and hoped he could get the word out about them, so maybe someone strong could help them.

-- KyleRXZero

Ready to help:

One day there was a Mr. Saturn who decided to go out into the world and try to help people. He left his home of Saturn Valley and traveled a long distance (for someone with such tiny legs) until he came upon a town called Twoson. He heard of a place called Peaceful Rest Valley and (deceived by the name) went there to rest and take a nap. Once there he was attacked by strange trees and robots and flying saucers, and would surely have been vanquished if not for a small blond girl in a red dress that came along and saved him with some sort of spell that healed his injuries. He vowed to one-day repay the debt, and gave the girl a red hair-bow that matched the kind that his people wore so she would always remember her service to him. He then went to a nearby village where every house was blue; and he decided to construct a house that was bright red like the bow so that if the girl ever needed his help, she would know where to find him.

-- JakeMXZero

Mr. Neptune:

Mr. Neptune was like any other Mr. Saturn, except his name was slightly different. For this reason, he felt out of place in Saturn Valley. What he really wanted was happiness.
As he walked out of Saturn Valley, into the dark roads of Threed, and into Twoson, he saw his calling. It was an advertisement for Happy Happyism.
Mr. Neptune strutted carefully along, through Peaceful Rest Valley and into the blue village.
Mr. Carpainter gave him the role of gathering all the non-blue things and storing them in his colorful house!
As for Mr. Jupiter, they say he might live in a hidden cave at the Lost Underworld, but it's just a rumor...

-- Ostricho

Too good to be true:

It was on one fateful morning, where a Mr. Saturn awoke, to find out that he had mail. Upon opening the letter, in bright yellow letters were the words, “You are invited to the Super Smash Brothers fighting tournament!” The Mr. Saturn’s eyes slightly widened. Super Smash Brothers? Fighting tournament? What was this craziness? There was no way that the Mr. Saturn could resist anything as mad as this. He decided that he should start a workout routine until then. Mr. Saturns were generally seen as weak, so this was a chance to prove that the species are capable of winning in battle. For the first part of his workout routine, the Mr. Saturn decided to go on a hike to Twoson and back. Eager to start his hike, the Mr. Saturn zoomed out of his house, accidentally letting a picture postcard fall to the ground in the process.

Nothing could stop the Mr. Saturn on his journey now. He plowed through all the sprouts and mushrooms that stood in his way. Upon reaching Twoson, the Mr. Saturn noticed an entrance to a cave off in the distance. Being the curious Saturn that he was, he investigated it. While inside the dark, dank cave, he was attacked by a few weirdoes in blue costumes. They were no match for the powerful Mr. Saturn of course. Upon reaching the exit of the cave, the Mr. Saturn was greeted by a town in blue. Saturn Valley was weird, yes, but this was just plain eerie. The Mr. Saturn was thinking of turning back when he was approached by a young blonde woman.

“Hi, would you be interested in purchasing a wonderful postcard of the gorgeous Happy Happy Village?”

The Mr. Saturn gave an awkward squirm.

“Do not want!”

The young woman gave the Mr. Saturn a look of suspicion.

“You do have money right?”

The Mr. Saturn wasn’t sure how to answer that question. He eventually decided that if he was to get mugged, he could fight the muggers off.

“Yes, do have!”

The young woman’s expression softened.

“That’s all right then. Would you be interested in purchasing the new top of the line demesne?”

“No, too not sure!”

The young woman wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“It comes with free crackers!”

The Mr. Saturn hopped up and down in joy.

“Yes, will buy now!”

The young woman gave a little smile.

“What a nice purchase. Now please fill out the bit about your credit card information and sign there on the dotted lines.”

The Mr. Saturn eagerly signed on the dotted lines, hoping that the purchase was worthwhile.

“Great,” said the young woman, “now here are your crackers!”

She tossed a packet of crackers at the Mr. Saturn.

“Aaand,” she continued, “here are the keys to your demesne over there!”

She tossed the keys and pointed to the house on the land the Mr. Saturn had just bought.

“’kay thanks bye!” She quickly dashed off.

Upon entering his new house, the tired Saturn decided that he could rest in here for the night. He hadn’t ever really been to any house, other than the ones in Saturn Valley so he decided that some indoor training couldn’t hurt. Plus he really liked the bright pink walls. With that said, the Mr. Saturn’s time in the house was meant to be for only a day. Having never experienced this sort of life style, the Mr. Saturn started spending more and more days indoors, and less and less time outdoors.

On one such day, a young fighter by the name of Ness entered the Mr. Saturn’s abode. Ness stared at the Mr. Saturn, with a look of curiosity etched on his face. The Mr. Saturn had heard about Ness from others in Saturn Valley via mail. They wrote of how Ness and his friends had liberated all the Saturns.

Not knowing what to say to the savior of the Saturns, the Mr. Saturn said, “Hi, you!” Ness looked at the Mr. Saturn with a bit of a confused look on his face.

“You fighting or not?”

The Mr. Saturn took a moment to think about his decision. Ness must’ve been sent to recruit him to the fighting tournament. It was definitely a thrilling new experience for a young Saturn but…
The Mr. Saturn noticed that Ness was holding a picture postcard. He slightly edged to the left to see that it was one of Saturn Valley. The Mr. Saturn’s whiskers drooped. How long had he been away from home for? He missed Saturn Valley, and all the other Saturns in it. How was he able to not notice the longing he had for home until now? He finally knew what he was going to say to Ness.

“Mr. Saturn fight never! Zoom! Go home now!” With that statement, the Mr. Saturn started his long trek back home.

-- TheLonechallenger

Just go with the flow:

The reason there's a Mr. Saturn in Happy-Happy Village is a tale from not too long ago. In 198X, a young Mr. Saturn wandered out of his house in Saturn Valley and began to explore around. After playing, he found a cave. Following it, he made it to a small town and continued to wander around, ending up at a yellow sign. He was then ushered aboard and driven to another small town. But... he couldn't see with all of the tall people around. He tripped and fell, and then, sitting on a nice spot of grass, went to sleep.

When he woke up, he was no longer in the city he was just in. He was in a dark room, with a single locked door. He had no idea where he was, nor why he was there. But, he continued to sit by the door, talking about boings and zooms for years afterwards.

-- gooieooie

Nobody noticed him:

MrSaturn was a one-of-a-kind Mr Saturn. He wanted to go out. Not because of adventure, but because of the Saturn Valley, and how confusing it was. All of MrSaturn's friends looked the same, spoke the same and did everything the same way! MrSaturn left the Valley, out to explore the Mr Saturn-free world out there. He wanted to be noticed, being able to stand out from the Mr Saturns. The one place that stood out the most, was of course, Happy Happy Village. Painted a bright blue, it could be seen standing out from the rest of Eagleland. MrSaturn moved there and lived in a bright red house, hoping to be noticed by the Happy-Happyist cult who would paint him blue. Somehow, some way, the Happy Happyists didn't notice the bright red house and didn't paint it. MrSaturn lived there, until Ness came along and beat Carpainter up. All the houses were suddenly reverted back to their original colors, but lone MrSaturn still lives there, hoping for himself to be painted, hoping to be noticed someday.

-- CommentBound



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