Theories topic for the week of December 28, 2011 - January 4, 2012:

The Lost Underworld is this impossibly huge cavern beneath Deep Darkness, and perhaps, beneath the entire surface world! But, how did it get there, and why is it full of dinosaurs?

Theory of the Week:

- Claremonster

It wasn't the first time he made that mistake:

so there was this dino guy and he was all tryna escape the earth but he couldn't escape the earth because there was the sun and the sun was really bright shine so that he needed to go to the dark place where the swamp things dont go to. after that ness came and he had his bat and it was really strong and he hit him with the strong bat and the dinos died.

and thats why theres dinos in summers

can i go now

- Claremonster

Man and Dinosaur working together! MASS HYSTERIA:

The Lost Underworld, as well as the locations of the Tenda Village and Lumine Hall, was carved into the Earth's crust by means of weathering from the toxic, mysterious waters of the Deep Darkness; a giant cave of sorts. The Fire Spring located there is the deepest portion of the chasm, and it reaches into the Earth's magma-filled mantle. This place has actually existed for millennia, but it has been carefully kept a secret, mainly because of the dinosaur population there.

The dinosaurs, as many theorists suggest, faced a whole fleet of meteors striking the Earth, which was said to have completely destroyed the race of dinosaurs and started a new era of mankind. Scientists never did venture through the deeply dark swamps of the Deep Darkness, however, where a few species of dinosaurs kept refuge underground and thrived.

The dinosaurs were actually once assisted by man, rather, the tribes of Scaraba. They originally inhabited this lush wonderland, but they suddenly decided to leave through the Lumine Hall and see what other parts of the world await. These tribesmen were actually very technologically advanced and were able to leave chatty talking rocks to keep the dinosaurs company while they were on leave. Also, in order to make it out of this land and through the Deep Darkness, they took many of the luminous lichens from Lumine Hall and created the Hawk Eye.

These tribesmen visited many lands on their journey, and they were widely accepted as diplomats; in fact, they were given a sacred cloak by the Dalaamian people. This cloak was seen as a precious possession and was placed, along with many other treasures, in their secret underworld.

Eventually, the tribe of Scaraba decided it would be too difficult to continue the long treks back into this underworld and hid their Hawk Eye technology in a tomb on the surface, commonly referred to today as the Pyramid of Scaraba.

Later, a society of little creatures, the Tendas, came along. They lived as desert nomads until the evils of Giygas plagued the desert, making it hard for them to sustain life. They met some of the tribespeople that once took care of the dinosaurs in the Lost Underworld and were told of its safe haven. The Tendas, being an innocent society, migrated with the trust of the tribespeople to move to the land of dinosaurs.

The trek was long and hard, but the Tendas managed to make it across the sea and through the swamp fording the waters using random items they found in the desert: old TV sets, tin cans, phones, basically all the scrap that now sits in the Tenda Village. While many Tendas enjoyed the dinosaurs and managed to cage them off to create their "Dinosaur Cage," others were in utter fear at the sight of the dinosaurs and became very shy and silent from the traumatic experience.

That is how the Lost Underworld is today, basically, with surface Tendas in its location tending to the dinosaurs and the shy Tendas protecting the place on the surface. As for the Ego Orbs, well, some talking rocks became a little too proud of themselves...



The Lost Underworld, as it is called now, originated as a forest, or a park of sorts. It was cleared for military experiments during the 1980’s, and was notorious for amazing scientific developments. The facility was known as Pluto Labs, and it was soon famous for inventing Zombie Paper and glue. But their work started turning stranger and stranger as the years passed…

In 1984, they made the greatest scientific development of their lives. The team extracted DNA from an amber-encased mosquito and was able to obtain the genetic code of hundreds of types of ancient reptiles. They grew cells with this DNA, and eventually brought back the dinosaurs. But it was too good to be true.

On February 4, 1985, there was a power outage. All of the dinosaurs escaped the electric fences they had been held in, and destroyed the facility. One of them actually turned on a disintegrator and fizzled the entire facility too, so it was, like, gone. All the way gone. The dinosaurs survived on the harsh terrain by feeding on wildlife, and the whole food chain was thrown off. It became a wasteland. This is how the Lost Underworld came to be.

- sithmaster96

The Mr. Saturn and the Tenda build fast, if they have only been on Earth for about a week:

The Lost Underworld is really just Pangea from eons ago. The meteor that scientists say killed the dinosaurs and broke Pangea into the pieces we know now as the continents really just hit Pangea so hard that it was pushed underwater. Pangea then hit the ocean floor, and broke through. Most of the pieces broke off, forming the continents. But one small chunk actually hit the ocean floor so hard it broke through. Over time, as the land formed, pyramids were built in Scaraba, Lumine Hall was created, and the Monotoli building was recognized as the tallest building in Eagleland, the Lost Underworld created dinosaurs. Nobody knows why they came back: most people just assume that evolution occurred just like when Pangea was intact. The Lost Underworld had almost perfect living conditions for the dinosaurs. The land was covered in delicious plants for the herbivores, but what about the carnivores? The herbivores were great fighters that would swing their tail very hard or use a biting attack. The carnivores needed food before they died out.

When the meteor hit near Onett, more strange creatures were riding on it other than Buzz Buzz. The Mr. Saturns were passengers, as well as the Tendas. However, when the meteor was flying through Earth's atmosphere, these creatures were thrown off of the meteor. The Mr. Saturns landed in a valley just outside of Threed an established a civilization. The Tendas landed in the Deep Darkness, and soon found a cave within the swamp to call home. The Tendas noticed a strange hole in their cave. Some brave Tendas went down and discovered a strange wall where their thoughts were written on the wall. They found another hole, leading to the Lost Underworld. They explored the area here, but the small, defenseless Tendas were easy pickings for the carnivorous dinosaurs.

The brave Tendas never came back to the cave. When the Tendas sent some more brave explorers down to the Lost Underworld to see what had happened, they discovered a land filled with dinosaurs. These Tendas made it back alive, and warned the other Tendas to never go down that hole. They placed a giant rock over the hole. The Tendas were now incredibly shy, for they didn't know who - or what - was good or bad.

As for the talking rocks, some say that the Tendas become rocks when they die. They can still communicate with anybody, but they can't do anything. They just sit there.

The geysers in the Lost Underworld are most likely caused by leftover water from when Pangea went underwater. Since the Lost Underworld is under the ocean floor, you could imagine that it's very hot. In fact, there's a cave in the Lost Underworld that leads to a hot, volcanic area. The heat must cause the water to shoot out of the ground. However, nobody knows why the water can heal you. Perhaps it had to do with how the water was back when Pangea was whole.

Scientists have tried to explore the area for years, but the Tendas will not move the rock covering the entrance. But some people say that four children have been spotted in the Deep Darkness. Perhaps they can persuade the Tendas to overcome their shyness.

- AtomHeartMother

So close to fame and fortune...:

Digging! It's a pleasurable hobby and pass time. The ancient peoples of Mesopotamia dug. The Americans dig. Even the French dig. There is no end to this marvelous pass time. All one needs is a shovel and one is ready to dig. I would encourage you to find a soft spot some day and try it. I say soft spot because rock is substantially more difficult to dig through than soft dirt.

One can find wonderful things hidden below the Earth's surface. Why, just the other day, I found a large metal plate with and ancient inscription that said:

4BX G21
Great Lake's Splendor”

It was a rare find indeed. Many treasures are awaiting their discovery by simple excavations in one's own territory.

But, possibly the most controversial discovery in modern culture, would have to be the discovery of the “Lost Underworld” which has fascinated the minds of the handful of people who have heard about it.

Discovered in 1912 by famed archeologist, Archimedes Angel, captain of the Archimedes Angel's Awesome Archeology Association (Or the “Quintuple 'A'” as it's been known to be called.) The Lost Underworld was, in essence, a large, subterranean continent populated by a small, green, indigenous people known as the “Archimedites” (Though, if asked, they would prefer the name, “Tenda”, whatever that means in their primitive tongue.) Also inhabiting this subterranean marvel are dinosaurs! Real life dinosaurs! It is quite a mystery as to why no one has found this area before. Especially when one considers its vast size and dimension. The story of this discovery was only recently discovered in one of Archimedes' journals, which we have. They represent almost 9 months of search and $20 (plus shipping) spent on a reputable, online auctioning site.

In these journals, we find that after ingesting a questionable pastry in a small resort town, Archimedes found himself on the southern skirts of Scaraba. Through a series of questionable events, he found himself in the swamps just south of the great Scarabian desert. It was there that he discovered the Archimedites. He described them as, “Timid fellows, whose only purpose is to make one feel unease during polite conversation.” He claimed to have dwelt with them for some time until one day, after he had gained their trust, they led him to what they deemed “The Lumine Halls”. The lichen in these walls would reflect the thought patterns of any individual who came near them in written form. Soon after reading what Archimedes really thought about the Archimedites, he was unexpectedly shoved down a hole.

There was where he discovered the Lost Underworld. He named it so for these reasons: “Underworld” because it was under the world. And “Lost” because he found it, and he reasoned that one could not find what had not been lost. His journal then goes on to quote at length his discoveries (which are many and would require a discussion all of their own) but the most remarkable one to note was the indigenous tribes' explanations as to how and why the dinosaurs were living under the earth.

The Archimedites had several explanations to reason why such large creatures would be living in the Lost Underworld. Some reasoned that it was a large-scale shelter for the large meteor heading their way. Others claimed that it was natural instinct for heavy things to look for the route closest to the center of the Earth. (Which has precedence, when one considers how eagerly fast an elephant or rhino falls to the bottom of a ravine, while a smaller, lighter animal, say a sparrow, flies farther away from the earth's center.)

But, the most reliable theory came from Archimedes himself who said that fossils of dinosaurs we find, are actually the first stages of the creature's life-span. The fossils slowly migrate downward, towards the earth's core. Along the way they grow flesh and sinew and by the time they drop out of the ceiling of the Lost Underworld, they are fully formed dinosaurs.

This theory took the world by storm. All three of Archimedes' followers published it as far and wide as possible and it made quite a stir in the booming metropolis of Podunk, from which he originated.

But, one asks, why has no one ever read of this in a history class? Several years later, after escaping from the Lost Underworld (a story which has never been fully published) Archimedes tried leading another expedition to the Lost Underworld. As they arrived in the Deep Darkness colony of the Archimedites, they were shocked to discover that the alleged passage way that Archimedes had told was now a giant rock that no one could move. Quickly unnerved by the awkward silence of the Archimedite village, the expedition quickly disbanded, along with any reputation Archimedes still had.

Archimedes never fully recovered his reputation and spent the rest of his years working as a surprisingly bitter soda jerk. No one has ever found the Lost Underworld ever again. Some claim that it was all a myth, others say that it was all for publicity on the part of Archimedes. Ever now and again new people arise with claims that they've found it, but these claims are never backed by any substantial evidence. The most convincing story came from a youth living in Onett, but since youth are unsavory characters and have a penchant for mischief (listening to rock and roll, jaywalking, spitting, etc) one simply cannot take his tale at face value.

In conclusion, the world may never really know what really happened or if there really is a “Lost Underworld”. But we can be certain that it would be really really really cool if there was.

- Rabid Dog

Palazzo teaches Biology:

The Lost Underworld is a cavern formed by the impact of a meteor hitting the earth (which killed the dinosaurs), however, several species of dinosaurs had bred and laid their eggs their, which eventually had evolved into super dinosaurs.

- Mr. Palazzo

Poor Dinosaurs... that's almost worse than just dying off:

A long long time ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, several of the more cunning dinosaurs became increasingly aware of a rapidly approaching meteor. Worried by this, they got together and began to dig a vast connection of subterrainian tunnels, until they had more or less, built a bomb shelter, which could keep them safe from the settling dust. The new place they created was soon populated by fluorescent lichen (much like the variety in Lumine Hall) than not only produce light, but also give off UV rays, allowing for plant life to grow. The dinosaurs also discovered that the closer proximity to the earth’s core kept them warmer and protected the for when the meteor actually impacted with the earth. When the meteor hit, the escape tunnel collapsed and eons of tectonic movements have created an impossible bubble under the earth’s crust. There is no entrance, except for a small area in between tectonic plates, found near the equator. There is no escape from the Lost Underworld that we know of.

By now, the smarter breeds of dinosaur have evolved or died off, leaving only a sad memory of the great beings who used to live there. Though their egos still remain…

- Rabid Dog

Now that you mention it...:

The Lost Underworld, to me, seems to represent the "Hollow Earth" theory, that there is a world beneath our world where life still exists. Many people who support the idea of Hollow Earth also seem to believe that dinosaurs and dinosauroids (lizard people) live there.

the Tendas seem to be reptilians to me.

- Demolitionizer

And, finally, Pheen-X with the CRAZIES:

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. This week's question, what exactly is the Lost Underworld, and how was it made and filled with dinosaurs. In honesty, my first theory towards this stolen by a director that shall not be named(THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FAME AND MONEY!) so I had to move on and I learned of a new theory, of course...I had to venture down there myself(Word to the wise...always pack a flamethrower, they'll save your life everytime!)

The tendas were willing to help the guy that theorized with them before, allowing me passage to the lost land, and my journey began. And my first question came to life. What the heck is up with the ego orbs? Well, belive it or not, they are actually fallen moons(Trust took them way more than 3 days to fall). How did I know they were moons? They had faces of course. Do to their constant crashings through the earth, many geysers and craters formed around the land(Have you looked up in the Lost Underworld? Pretty holey.)And with the rotten ego these moons gave, the geysers became tainted from water that could revive water that heals and recovers energy(Hard to tell if thats a win or loss).

Getting sick of the constant snootyness of the moons, I continued forth in my special hat, picking up traces of rare dinosaurs, that were actually still alive! My assumption is that when the orbs crashed, they released the many fossils of these dinos, and, before the water was tainted, was able to get near the reviving springs, giving life back into those old bones. Let me say this, I was able to get a good show, watching the orbs getting chased by the many dinos in the land(I swear, it's one of the funniest things you could ever see below the earth.) Yet, how did the dinosaurs stay numerous after the water was tainted? Easy, when a mommy dino, and a daddy dino, love each other very much(Kids, this is why you need to pay attention to TV, cause I can't explain any further...mainly because I forgot to bring the puppets down here.)

Let's see...I covered the orbs, the dinosaurs, the forming of the land, what haven't I...OH YEAH, THE TALKING ROCKS! These things even puzzled me! My guess...they forgot how to roll, and thus didn't get to become the big music stars they used to dream of they just stuck around and enjoyed the ego chasing dinos as much as I have(they also like to talk about politics...ugh, boy do they like their politics, and they don't even have them!)

Finally, the magma caves. I know for a fact...they used to be the friendly ice cream caves, until those stupid moons came down, claiming that they're too cool for simple ice cream like that. This insult resulted in the caves and its inhabitants getting very angry, resulting in the failed pepper-cinnammon flavor to go bad, melt, and become evil soul sucking bits of lava...that started chasing those orbs as well(it never gets old! They scream like little pansies!)

Well, that about wraps up the Lost Underworld, to my best content. Of course, ever since it was resealed, the only remains we can see of it nowadays are those gyroids or whatever they're called in Animal Crossing. And thus, another question is left to sizzle in an old torchlike flame. So, this is Pheen-X saying, GET LOST!

- firej7



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