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Magnet Hill. Behind the Fourside Department Store, and secluded from all of the world. Only accessible via the sewer system. What is it? Why is it there? How was it made?

Theory of the Week:

When it comes to asking about Magnet Hill, you could conceivably ask the same of the other Sanctuaries. Giant Step, Milky Well, Rainy Circle, Pink Cloud, Lumine Hall... there's more than just one strange Sanctuary out there that's for sure!

Years and years ago, I did start trying to think of good reasons for the Sanctuaries to look as they did.

I mean you look at Giant Step, I don't think we ever see anything big enough to make that specific footprint. There are dinosaurs, sure, but they're all clawed-feet species, so they don't fit the bill. So instead, I think Giant Step was a ruse to protect the settlement. Carved by the villagers (at the time) to make outsiders think giants passed this way. Perhaps there were more, once, but as the town evolved only one would remain.

Then there's Lilliput Steps, hidden within the base of a mountain, in a cavern filled with predators. Maybe the tiny footprints were those of the smaller, less agressive animals, in their one Sanctuary beyond a doorway through which the predators couldn't enter. Even if they can now, the little niche has remained intact, probably since the little creatures fled.

Milky Well, I've seen some... interesting theories on in my time. But the one I cooked up tied in with the pale cliff-faces of Saturn Valley. The area they're in are chalk-lands. Anyone who lives where chalk can be found can attest to the milky look water gets when it finds its way into the pipes. It doesn't stay when it sits still... but whatever spring Milky Well hit clearly doesn't stop. So it remains milky.

Pink Cloud as a cover for a rusty-coloured cliff outcrop, or something that will always catch the light of the sun in an area of the colour spectrum to get that hue.

Lumine Hall, created by the Tenda. Or perhaps a gathering of the talking rocks.

Fire Springs... pretty obvious really, it's a volcano waiting to erupt.

So we come back, now, to Magnet Hill.

Monuments are erected all the time, and modern art often finds itself displayed in towns and cities, to give the place some appeal. Being behind the department store, I wouldn't be surprised if the hill was one of those two possibilities.

The difference being that most of these things aren't kept so far from human touch, that the only entrance is underground. I wouldn't be able to say whether this was a deliberate move by the city or not, but that isn't important. Fact is, the Sanctuary is so close to the hustle and bustle of a growing (and slowly corrupting) city, yet remains entirely isolated from it.

The hill is nothing more than a man-made monument, out on display. It's the isolation from the public, the safety it harbours that makes it a sanctuary.

- SaturnStorm


This entire hill is actually comprised 99.9% of pokey's 'leavings' that has been condensed and stored behind the mall for safe storage. The compression of such powerful material has given it mythical power.

And magnetization

- Ants

Pheen-X and the Masters of the Universe in: Polar Shift:

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. This week's question, Magnent Hill, it's quite the attractive place, if I do say so myself. Gotta say, I've lost a few quarters to that spot(unintentionally of course), yet, it's weird how different the spot is from most sanctuary locations. It's just a giant pointy magnent right? Well, nope.

You see, the better question I feel needs to be asked, is what about the sanctuary guards? Some, infact all are organic or mythic like. Except for one, the Electro-Specter. Find it funny how it's just a bent up piece of metal with weird powers. The two are actually related.

It all started, even before the meteorite landed. From the constant pollution being input into the sewers of Fourside, things started to build up. There was actually a huge portion of metal being formed from all the junk and garbage everyone just threw away or flushed, yet no one didn't risk checking things out.

Now was when the meteor hit. From such a hard impact that was felt a large range away from the impact, the metal was bounced straight through to the higher ground, being shaped into the peircing pyramid we've come to see. So, the reason it has such a huge impact towards the sound stone(besides the magnetic sound it makes when it's tapped) is the fact, that it litteraly gives you a chance to look at all the stuff you found useless before, that has become of a high use now.

But of course, with every positive, there's a negative, hence the Electro-Specter. Now, as with most magnets, opposites attract, yet both metals held the same, negative charge within them. So while the hill was pushed up, the Specter was pushed far away, and being the sewers...he could've ended up anywhere. So, being near the underground, he ended up near Lumine Hall, where the evil of Giygas mixed with the life spirits within the stones of the hall, giving the metal life. The metal kept thinking to itself...I'm nothing but trash, so it got angrier and angrier. Hence why it became an enemy.

So, the Magnent Hill is just one half of two metals, just, the more positive sides of things. Still, it's a spot you can get easily attracted to. And, it's fun to find those lost keys you accidentally threw away a few days ago.

And thus, another theory is sent to burn in a attaching welding flame. So this is Pheen-X saying, Keep close to what you like, and try to keep your wallet close, because it's not just pickpockets that'll take your money now.

- firej7

What a strange turn of events:

So, there was this giant stone in space one day, and aliens turned it into a giant magnet with the power of science. Then they put a rocket on the bottom of it and then the aliens sent it into space.

Then the mayor of Fourside was there giving a speech about nonsensical gibberish then the big space stone magnet thing fell on him and he died. And then the townspeople went away, but not before building a wall around the stone (And the mayor’s corpse.) and they put a key of which was shaped like a carrot and then they put the key in the box.

Then Dr. Andonuts injected a rat with a deadly neurotoxin and it mutated into the horrible beast it is.

Oh, and then it became a sanctuary. ‘Cos that’s kind of important. Yeah, a sanctuary. Awesome.

- PSI Starstorm Omega

The people of Fourside apparently never heard of Haz Mat Suits:

Here is a theory about how Magnet Hill came to be in the middle of Fourside.

Not too long ago, the metropolitan city of Fourside derived most of its electricity from a large nuclear power plant. The plant was located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by a large fence. Fourside was famous for its bustling economy and signature power plant- the very first and only one in all of Eagleland. Townsfolk soon began referring to Fourside as a “power spot of the Earth” for its commanding power in commerce and technology.

However, one day the Fourside power plant was shut down, due to violations of waste disposal regulations. The rumor around town was that toxic radioactive waste was being dumped into the very sewers of Fourside! Citizens were outraged. They quickly decided to demolish the power plant, leaving behind little trace, other than a few large hunks of iron. This later became known as Magnet Hill, and was left as a commemoration to the old power plant, in which the Fourside townspeople once took so much pride.

Unfortunately, the radioactive residue left behind from the plant had strange effects on the residents of the Fourside sewers, including mice, roaches, and one big rat in particular, resulting in horrid mutations. This considerably large rodent, which we know as the “Plague Rat of Doom”, was drawn to Magnet Hill on account of a rare case of magnetoception. The odd phenomenon gives the impression that the Plague Rat is actually “guarding” the magnetic field. A certain man claims to have seen the rat prowling the sewers, but the city has done surprisingly little to reform the situation, presumably because of the unsafe conditions… and the awful smell.


That's one way to build a city:

Once upon a time, Fourside was a small, barren town called Threed-and-a-half. It wasn't a city, it was barely a town, so they couldn't give it a full-number name.

In the mid-1900's, Threed-and-a-half was a small, happy town. The citizens there enjoyed dancing, singing, drinking tea, and eating fresh vegetables. They opposed anything that required a lot of money, as they saw it as greedy and unnecessary. They had a barter system in place of money. Then, the humans moved in.

You see, Threed-and-a-half was owned by Manly Fishes. The Manly Fish colony had all they ever needed, despite being surrounded by a gate built by the humans. They even got free food when they passed the "Fish Food Doctrine," which stated that if the humans did not send ample Fish Food through the gate, the Manly Fish army would attack with full force, and, if necessary, in mass retaliation with nuclear arms(though the nuclear arms thing didn't work out well; a lot of Manly Fish were left armless during the testing).

The Manly Fish colony was led by Manly Fish's Uncle, who sported a dashing moustache which made all of the Womanly Fish swoon! Manly Fish's Uncle made a great leader. Under his reign, which lasted around twenty-four years due to the short lifespan of Manly Fishes, the Manly Fish colony prospered. In fact, since Manly Fish reach adulthood at one year, there are always intellectual minds. Their schooling is advanced enough that it only lasts a few weeks, and with the advent of "Your Guppy Can Read," this process was shortened tenfold. They produced scientists in a matter of minutes, something humans have yet to achieve.

They made advancements in science even rivaling NASA, and their civilization was becoming more and more advanced. One day, the President of Eagleland recieved a rather peculiar request... Manly Fish's second-cousin's-uncle's-grandfather ordered a supermagnet. Their fish pellets contained iron, so they figured it was magnetic. Mister President agreed to this request, and the magnet was sent to Threed-and-a-half the very next day. When the Fish colony turned on the supermagnet, something unexpected happened.

While it did attract the Manly Fishfeed, it took something else with it. The booming metropolis of Fourthwall to the south had an entire side of the city move slowly towards the magnet. Every day, the side moved a little closer, it seems. After a few days, the side moving caused shock and alarm. But, other than the electric charge making the residents of Fourthwall's hair stand up straight, and a longer walk to work, it had no negative effects. After about a year, the side reached the walls of Threed-and-a-half. It shattered the gate around it, and circled around the statue. The mix of humans and fish in the town was ill-recieved by both parties, the Manly Fish colony moved to the swampy Deep Darkness, leaving the magnet on a hill. Eventually, the magnet had taken so many buildings that it was surrounded fully and forgotten about, with the buildings blocking electric charge. This new town of "Fourside" became even more well known than Fourthwall, and the remains of Fourthwall became broken and desolate, and continue to be broken on a daily basis.

- BB Gang Zombie

And this one goes in the opposite direction:

Well the answer to the question of Magnet Hill's creation is quite simple: After Fourside was built, the huge metal skyscrapers attracted the magnets that were created naturally underground. As more and more buildings were built, the magnets came closer and closer to the surface until they were exposed. Then the sewer system was built underneath. Also, there's a wall around it because people were complaining about walking past it and having their credit cards erased.

- AtomHeartMother



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