Theories topic for the week of November 16 - 23, 2011:

Monkeys in the desert. Why? They're a long way off from the jungle, where the monkey is supposed to run free. I asked you to respond, and the lone user onakagapekopekodesu delivered. I submitted my own to make things a little more interesting. Be sure to submit more in the future, to keep things from getting stale and boring around here!

Theory of the Week:

There are monkey's in a cave in Mother. You use a tank to reach it. The desert in Mother is the

same desert in Mother 2. That is why there are monkeys in the desert. But also remember about

sea monkeys... elusive creatures indeed. Where there is desert there usually once was sea,

therefore the sea monkeys could have adapted to live in the desert.

- onakagapekopekodesu

I think I may have misread...:

The monkeys were called there by the allure of the chocolate drizzled landscape, the Neapolitan hills, and the whipped cream mountains, adorned with giant maraschino cherries and sprinkles the size of logs. The enormous banana rumored to be buried beneath the landscape was only a perk.

- Captain Bozo



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