Theories topic for February 24, 2014:

How did the Black and White Sesame seeds get separated? How did they even meet?

Theory of the Week:

Oh they sit,
on the top,
of a hamburger bun.

And they wait,
for the day,
when the oven is done.

There's a time,
and a place,
where the people will feed.

And so this,
is the life,
of a sesame seed.


And the two,
joined on bread,
were together at last

There they were,
you could see,
one was white, and one black.

it was just meant to be.

And so this,
is the life,
of a sesame seed.


In the gut,
of a man,
would the seeds go someday.

And in there,
would their love always stay.

When that day,
were to pass,
how their love would be free.

And so this,
is the life,
of a sesame seed.


Now it pains,
me to say,
that this love could not last.

For the man,
had to rush,
through the desert too fast.

C'est triste,
but it's true,
the man dropped his lunch there.

So it seems,
a seed's life,
isn't always so fair.


On the bun,
the two sat,
in a pile of sand.

'Til the wind
picked up speed,
oh, so strongly, it fanned.

The two then
grew apart,
and with each passing day,

The two seeds,
and their love,
both grew further away.


In the sand,
they still sit,
and they wait on the wind--

For one day,
it will blow,
them together again.

It is fate,
that the two,
will again one day meet.

Because that,
is the life,
of a sesame seed.

Oh yes that,
is the life,
of a sesame seed.

-- BB Gang Zombie

You'll Get Dehydrated:

Someone was walking through the desert while eating a hamburger. Their friend says "You shouldn't eat burgers in the desert, you'll get dehydrated faster!". The first guy throws the burger in the lake when suddenly two sesame seeds get blown by a gust of wind, a black sesame hits the first guy in the face, while the white sesame was blown far away. The white sesame thinks the black sesame purposefully left her. The black sesame is worrying about the white one until Ness comes along and solves the issue!

-- EBfanatic123

Sesame Spaz:

Once upon a time in a town called Onett, young, 7 year old Ness was headed to the burger shop for his favorite burger. When he came, instead of the cashier, there was a strange man at the cash. When Ness approached the counter, the man proceeded, without asking, to tell the young boy a story of where the burgers come from...

The burgers made at the fine establishment were first shipped from Fourside, a metropolis far, far away. Made in a room in a department store there, the burgers were prepared, and shipped to a small, sunny town called Threed, a nice, breezy place named Twoson, and Onett. Onett was a real pain to ship to, because the road from Fourside only made it to Twoson, and so, in the desert outside of Fourside, called Dusty Dunes Desert, the delivery truck driver remembered the annoyance that Onett was to deliver to, and pulled the truck over to eat one of the "fine delicacies" he had in his trunk. They were boxed, wrapped and ready for eating by customers. He opened the trunk, and examined the boxes. He wanted to eat his favorite. Since they had so many of them, there was no harm in eating ONE, right? He thought to himself, looking at the numerous boxes. Hamburger... Cheeseburger... Fuzzy Pickle Burger... Sesame Spaz Burger... wait, that's it! He wanted a Sesame Spaz Burger. Lifting the lid, he proceeded to open it up, when... two men came from around the truck and threatened to take the burgers inside the truck. Just when they were about to steal them... another problem came to the delivery man. An overly loud bus with a band of some sorts inside came flying by, swerving and hitting his truck before continuing on. The packs of burgers went flying, and the Sesame Spaz Burger he unwrapped suddenly flew through the air, a strong wind blasting two of the seeds across the desert. They landed next to each other. The two seeds then began to chat, and chatted late into the night. The days they spent together were wonderful, and the seeds bloomed a great love. Then, one day, a giant storm came and blew the two of them apart. They remained this way for many years, without contact to each other, until a 13 year old and his friends brought their messages to each other, and their love was renewed, no matter the distance.

-- gooieooie

Garbage Day!:

At a bakery in Fourside, the baker was making fresh hamburger buns to be used in Big Macs. However, one of the sesame seeds was black, and he thought it to be tainted. He was going throw it away, unaware of what it could do, but his garbage bag was full, so he simply put it on top of the trashcan, and left it on the curb for the garbage man to pick up. However, when it was being shipped through the Dusty Dunes Desert to be dumped in the waters of Deep Darkness, the seed fell out of the truck and into the sand, to later be discovered by Ness and his comrades.

The white seed came from that same bakery but lead a much different, and shorter story. One of the buns was used on a Big Mac and was being eaten by a monkey in the desert. Unfortunately, a vulture spied the burger and snatched it away from the disappointed monkey, and the white seed fell off somewhere else.

-- TheLopman

Memoirs of a Contact Lens:

Legend has is that there were once two guardians of the Dusty Dunes Desert. Like a yin and yan, maintaining the balance between light and dark, hot and cold. The power of the white sesame seed would allow anyone to cool off in one of the many oasis’s, while the power of the black sesame seed would allow anyone to heat up in the hot desert. The different shades in the sand were also part of the balance between the two guardians. The white sesame seed would mark the cooler spots with dark sand, while the black sesame seed would mark hotter spots with light sand.

How do I know this? Well I was with the two, looking over the desert. You may see me as a mere contact lens, but in my prime I sustained the sesame seeds, making sure that they carried out their duties. In other words, I’m like the base the yin and yan rest on.

However, the impenetrable bond of the white and black sesame seed must have been broken, as when we awoke one morning the black sesame seed was missing. The white sesame seed called for its partner, while I closely observed a distant figure approaching us. I pointed this out to the white sesame seed, who gasped in horror upon realizing what had happened.

We were being approached by a Mole Playing Rough, and on the tip of its nose stood the black sesame seed.

“Get them!”

The mole proceeded to whack us into the air with its sharp claws. Thoughts of intense hatred for the black sesame seed filled my mind as I soared through the air. Why had that jerk made the mole attack us? Brainwashing perhaps? We were supposed to maintain the balance of power within the desert. The two sesame seeds had vowed to never take control of any living creature, so what made the black sesame seed break the promise?

Speaking of promises, I made one to get my revenge on that black sesame seed no matter what it takes. Though I may reside in a bakery in Fourside now, I will still find a way… Though sometimes I do wonder, does the white sesame seed feel the same way about the black sesame seed? The two shared a close bond, so perhaps the white sesame seed has a better understanding of the truth than I.

-- TheLonechallenger



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