Theories topic for the week of May 23 - June 6, 2012:

Dalaam is a mysterious floating island in the air, home to Prince Poo... but that's just about all we know. How did Dalaam become a floating island, and what keeps it up today?

Theory of the Week:

Dalaam is a mysterious land, located far away from any other piece of land. But, at one time, it was connected to the rest of the world, just to the north of the Dusty Dunes Desert. This was a 50 years ago.
At this time, the rightful ruler of Dalaam had mysteriously vanished. The land was taken over by two tyrannical dictators. They were the nastiest folks around.
This historical story takes place in their palace.
“BUUUURRRPPP,” the fat dictator, Morts, declared. He had just finished eating a hamburger, food which was not usually eaten around Dalaam. “More, please.”
Druthen, the fin dictator, was outside, terrorizing the village. “Give me all you fancy porcelain dishes or I’ll throw your children into the ocean! BUUURRRPPP!!!”
They weren’t the nicest people in town, but the people had to live with it. So they made a living making business with Eaglelanders. They easily ventured through the desert and traded their goods with other peoples of other races.
“BAH! Only we should be able to have a good life,” Morts shouted, as he threw a child into the waters of the sea.
“Agreed!” yelled Druthen. “But the last thing we need is to start a revolt!” He chomped down a hamburger and growled at a woman, who screamed.
So the two plotted on how to ruin the lives of the townsfolk. They came up with a wonderful plan! “We’ll go through the village and burn down their homes!” Morts exclaimed.
“Nah, that’s old hat,” Druthe responded. “We’ll hire workers to slice Dalaam from Eagleland and lift it high into the air!”
Druthen searched the land for workers (but not without tossing children into the ocean) and found was he was looking for: a triad of evil rabbits.
“I’m Turnip the evil bunny. These are Lettuce and Rutabaga. We are all rotten to the core. We are very strong, and we hate children. We vandalize gas station bathroom stalls!”
They were hired immediately. After a fun afternoon of ding-dong ditching nursing homes, they went back to the Dalaam palace. Then, the bunnies went to work. They sliced Dalaam from Eagleland, and carried it to the top of a mountain, and tossed it to the peak. Then, they walked to Druthen’s and Mort’s palace, and they cooked out in the backyard.
Suddenly, the rightful ruler of Dalaam came from the sky in a whirlwind: the Starstorm Master! “Druthen and Storm, it’s time for you to atone for your evil deeds!”
He used PK Starstorm on Druthen and Morts. They took mortal damage, got hurt, and collapsed. He banished their souls into a cave.
“They’re just going to escape the cave and terrorize the village,” Rutabaga snickered.
“Thanks for the advice,” the Starstorm Master replied and turned the rabbits into stone. He placed them in front of the cave entrance to prevent anyone from ever escaping. Druthen and Morts rearranged the letters in their names, and became Thunder and Storm, the demonic weather spirit. They await any challenger, creating evil beings out of the materials in the cave and their black magic.
The people of Dalaam, even though their trading opportunites were destroyed, lived in peace and prosperity for 50 years.

- Ostricho

More like stink cloud:

Well, according to the Japanese Mother 2 instruction book, there are three continents: Eagleland, where Onett is, Foggyland, the location of Winters, and Chommo, the place of Scaraba and the Deep Darkness. Dalaam, however, floats above somewhere between Foggyland and Chommo. I believe that the location of Dalaam is indefinite.It floats above the clouds and drifts with the clouds and does not remain in one geosynchronous spot. It may be over Eagleland one day, but it could possibly be over Winters the next.

I believe it has the power to float by means of the mysterious powers of the Pink Cloud. I mean, why else would you find such strange creatures like the soulful Tangoo or Conducting Spirit? Because of all of the electrical enemies located on the Pink Cloud, perhaps there is a secret mechanism run by natural electricity, or lightning, or maybe it's all some sort of magic. Some art depicts Dalaam as a place suspended by the spray of an elephant or just on top of a giant mountain, but that was merely concept art, making anything, including steampunk electricity or magic, fair game.

Perhaps it may also levitate by the power of flatulence. Flatulence, or farts, is not a far fetched subject in the world of Earthbound. Just look at the man meditating in Dalaam making PRRREEEEET POOOOOOTT noises. He is probably a town hero for being the source of flying energy. Also, the prince's name is Poo, giving the city even more of a fart-powered vibe.

- Absoltastic



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