Theories topic for the week of September 12 - 26, 2012:

How was _really_ founded?

Theory of the Week:

One fine summer’s day, some time ago a group of young American children peacefully were playing their favourite games till suddenly their consoles came to life! Everyone started witnessing alien activity, strange animal and human behaviour and inanimate things coming to life. During this hectic time fending off these strange things all the kids of America soon banded together to fight off the main antagonist, an evil alien that called himself Reggiegiygas!... well not really, his name was Gigue and find their parents and other friends or family members that were abducted. This group of children called themselves the ‘Starmen Hunters’, their leader being Reidman (legend has it that he destroyed two Starmen Supers with an old cracked bat and a sandwich). However their efforts to fight this beast of immense power were in vein and were easily overwhelmed by the omnipotent alien’s PSI, baseball bats, saucepans, hockey sticks, and everything else they used wasn’t enough. One by one they all fell to the alien’s knees and so did the world. Gigue turned them all into metal bodies, turning them into mindless slaves to expand his army of Starmen. Only few survived, especially one boy from Japan, however this mere child was unlike any other, within him was a dragon of greater power that could change time and space if released and grant wishes for whoever had a heart of pure love, however the boy would have to go and find Eight pieces of an old melody that once filled the dragon with the Earth’s love that made it countless years ago. The boy’s name was Shigesato Itoi. He was soon joined by many others, some of which were members of the Starmen hunters, some were just ordinary people fighting to keep themselves alive and some wanting to free those who became Gigue’s slaves. On this long and perilous journey across the world Itoi soon found many others who were like him, ones that had powers to help him on this journey. When Itoi completed the melody the dragon was awakened within him he could finally make his wish but it wasn’t specific enough and Itoi was transported another world that was too strange to him and slightly boring. The world he once lived in was still under threat and the dragon grew weak without its master so from this different world and waited till he came back. Itoi soon remembered the world he once lived in and was transported there by a race of strange beings called Mr Saturns who came in a strange machine that was like the phase distorter along with some friendly Starmen that were once human. When Itoi came back to his own world he was brought to the dragon, the boy’s final wish was to recreate the world and to protect it in any way, he also asked for all the. This world was remade and everyone who chose to be reborn in the other world with Itoi were reborn at different times and eras, the ones who stayed were reborn too.

The Starmen who were reborn as humans in the ‘normal’ world rediscovered their remade land in a series of games known now as the MOTHER/Earthbound world and created a website called to show every other human being in the normal world the world they once lived in.

The Starmen are the first people who founded the website!

- PSI Dreamer

Doctor Anagram and his Mood o' Doom:

In a world, where cars explode and people walk away from them without even looking back... One man did look back. Adjusting his sunglasses, he shook his head in disgust. "I'm Reid Young, and I will eat your babies," he said. And with this clever one-liner and a tip of his hat, the man got on his cool tricycle--pink in coloration--he rode off into the sunset.

Moments later, Reid's superhuman powers detected anagrams in the distance, and a woman screamed... Removing his vest, Reid was suddenly unrecognizable by the naked eye--reidman, the greatest superhero, was there to save the day. This masked vigilante was the only one who could defeat the anagrams. Sound waves reverberated throughout the city.

"I have returned," Doctor Anagram proclaimed proudly. "Well, well, well... reidman!? Good, you can meet your demise. You'll live in a land of pure evil! Nuhahahahaha! Get it!? Live!? EVIL!? It's funny! " "Doctor Anagram, stop that dull buzz," yelled reidman triumphantly. He looked at the woman in the cage. "You fiend! Free her," he demanded. "Would you like to hear an anagram of 'no?'," Doctor Anagram said as he pushed the on button on his remote, and the woman's cage began lowering towards a TV with infomercials. And also lava.

reidman had no choice. Calling demonic powers, reidman summoned his vegetable sidekick, Potato! He then mashed him and made potato salad and ate it and it was delicious. Suddenly a fruit appeared. He introduced himself as Tomato. "Throw me at Doctor Anagram," he demanded. "Isn't that dangerous?" reidman replied. "No--no, it'll be great. This'll be the footage we put in our movie trailer--it'll be so cool with dramatic music as you tell me it's too dangerous and I'll get all the ladies and it'll be fantastic."

reidman hurled Tomato at the Doctor. He needed to think fast, or the woman would meet lava, or worse, infomercials... Blinded by the tomato, reidman took his chance. "Doctor, do you know an anagram for Punch-In-The-Face?" reidman taunted. "Because I don't!" WHAM!!! The Doctor was knocked unconscious, and reidman pushed the button, sparing the girl from the infomercials. "Thank you, reidman..." She kissed her two heroes on the cheek.

The evil doctor was thrown in jail, not executed because he totally won't escape in a future episode. Tomato approached reidman. "There's a lot of evil in this world, and we need a super team to stop it." And thus, the Starmen were formed. With their ultra-super powers, reidman, Tomato, and some other people, have dedicated their lives to saving woman and defeating forces of evil. Also they made a cult or something.

- BB Gang Zombie



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