APE, Inc.:

Ape was started as a development team to work on Shigesato Itoi's Famicom(NES) RPG Mother. Tsunekazu Ishihara joined APE after Mother's release and became very involved with the company. In 1991, Ishihara became vice president where he took charge the production of such games as Mother 2(Earthbound) and Picross no Mario(Mario's Picross).

Soon after Mother 2's development ended APE disbanded. Ishihara and a large portion of Ape's staff members created a new company in 1995 known as Creatures, Inc. Their first major project was Pocket Monsters(Pokemon) games for Game Boy as well as the Trading Card Game, both with the help of Game Freak.

Game Credits
  • MOTHER/EarthBound(NES 1989) Japan Only
  • MOTHER 2/EarthBound(SNES 1994/1995)
  • Mario no Picross/Mario's Picross(GB 1995/1995)
  • Mario no Super Picross(SNES 1995) Japan Only


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