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daveman The One and All
Buzz-Buzz is charged with making a certain Website.
1/30/05 0.00
Hawien Shertz A Tale of Jelly and Pigs
Bored + Ness = Halloween Fun(fic)
3/26/05 0.00
eb4gba The Mach Pizza Man, Part I
Bob, fired from the Onett Police Force after losing to Ness, tries to find a new job, and settles on being a Mach Pizza Delivery Man.
3/26/05 0.00
Curry Shiny Shiny Complete
Because I'm dumb and didn't read the submission guidlines, here is everything in HTML form, sorry.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Petroleum
Battle fiction between Angela and Erie.
7/21/07 0.00
Daniel-Ness's Ally The Evil Christmas Days
Basically Mother and LOZ:WW combined.
1/5/08 0.00



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