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PoeTrader Lost and Found
Magicant's Onyx Hook falls into the wrong hands. Warning: some swearing.
6/10/12 8.00
TragicManner Loid's Preparation
A short fanfic about Loid's struggles with having to hide in a trashcan.
5/2/13 0.00
SaturnStorm Loid joins the party
A different spin on that little side-quest to get Loid to join you.
12/2/11 0.00
angela Lloyd's escape
Written for the Mother 1 fanfest about what Lloyd might have felt before he joined Ninten. It's probably too serious, though.
11/8/11 0.00
Arashi-chan Little Magic for Today (Funfest fanfic)
This is my entry for the funfest, I hope you like it. It's Mother-centric. Please bare with me, this is my first fanfic in english.
1/13/08 0.00



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