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Curry Espers
This was a failed attempt at making a universe where the chosen four had never met each other, but like I said, I couldn't do it and here is the small result.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Lucky Star Complete
this is a story no one liked so I stopped writing it, yay.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Magicant
A one shotter angst story about the imagined events leading up to magicant.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Hot Wax Complete
This is a short story about cute things.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Shiny Shiny Complete
Because I'm dumb and didn't read the submission guidlines, here is everything in HTML form, sorry.
7/12/06 0.00
Curry Petroleum
Battle fiction between Angela and Erie.
7/21/07 0.00
Curimuch That stuff spreads
I'm sure we all curiously walked into mushrooms, yes? So has Ness.
2/25/09 0.00
ctoner To my fellow trick or treaters
To my fellow trick or treaters - Fanfic
3/26/05 0.00
ctoner The Haunted House
The Haunted House - Fanfic
3/26/05 0.00
CruxianAzelf Our Last Resort
My take on the chaotic, dramatic battle between the Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Giygas, and the Chosen Four.
11/9/08 0.00
CruxianAzelf From the Diary of a Hero
A written reflection upon the long journey from the leader of the Chosen Four himself.
10/4/09 0.00
Craigory Drennan Evil Dreams
3/26/05 0.00
CoolDude I Know What You Did Last Summers
Come Halloween, the kids are stalked by a certain someone...
1/25/05 0.00
Colin- Age of the Monkey Wars
A mystery in which the events in a series of nightmares become real.
1/25/05 0.00
Cloud_Dragon Pokey's Quest
The game's story -- from Pokey's perspective.
1/25/05 0.00
Cid2049 The Dark Phoenix
An attempted new invasion is initiated.
1/25/05 0.00
Chrisanthy Shokistory - Chapter 1
An enigmatic girl is headed for Ness's place.
1/23/05 0.00
Chrisanthy Shokistory - Chapter 2
An enigmatic girl is headed for Ness's place.
1/23/05 0.00
Chrisanthy Kristie's EB no Matsuri
3/26/05 0.00
Chimera A Dream About A Nightmare
Fanfic - A battle with the Boogie Tent.
3/26/05 0.00



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