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Emily Everlasting Adoration
Paula has a difficult time coming to terms with the end of her relationship with Ness.
5/29/13 0.00
Steam Born to Pogo
A gift from an absent father leads a child down a strange path that he never expected...
3/28/13 0.00
NNNnobody Story of the Dusty Dunes Desert
Result of combining monkeys, sesame seeds, Mexicans, a slot machine and criminal caterpillars. Beware of senselessness.
2/28/13 0.00
timcurry21 Run... Third draft
Well, I am not above criticism and have therefore revised once again my submission from the Halloween Funfest and fixed all the errors that I can see. Of course, if you see any errors, point them out and I shall rectify them at once!
2/14/13 0.00
gajillionageSPRT Misadventures of Ness and Co.
Now fully edited and with a slightly different ending.
2/12/13 0.00
gajillionageSPRT Misadventures of Ness and Co.
My third or fourth stab at fanfiction. I must say, it's quite fun. Hope you like it!
1/29/13 0.00
mrsaturnrocks52 EB Novel chapter 1
Hope you guys like it
1/12/13 0.00
CerealQueen Being Friends
1/1/13 10.00
Sith Jeffs Greaest Adventure in Xmas
1/1/13 0.00
PSIcicle A Christmas Catastrophe
Slight profanity used in this. Also, I'm not too skilled with dialouge, and some of the grammar may seem a bit off. Otherwise, enjoy! (Made the mistake of NOT converting it to a proper file...then again, I never used such a thing before. My apologies.)
1/1/13 0.00
timcurry21 Run...
Updated and improved, thanks to ohboy's comments and my lack of things to do on a Saturday night.
12/20/12 0.00
timcurry21 Christmas in Eagleland.
Holiday Funfest 2012 submission. The fianl part of my "Christmas in __" series for this year.
12/19/12 0.00
SaturnStorm Memories of Earlier Days (Part 2)
Submission to the 2012 Holiday Funfest. Jeff and his friends prepare for Christmas for their families, while painful memories are brought to light.
12/13/12 0.00
SaturnStorm Memories of Earlier Days (Part 1)
Submission to the 2011 Holiday fanfest. Jeff reflects on his last proper Christmas, as he tries to prepare for the occasion with his son.
12/13/12 0.00
3TripDDD The Chosen Christmas
12/10/12 0.00
Emily Paternal Vacancy
HOLIDAY FUNFEST 2012 - A story submission about Christmas without a father.
12/9/12 0.00
Dr. Sandman Incomplete Goodbyes
It would suck to be Jeff. You finally get to be close to your dad, and then he's gone out of your life again! Poor guy.
11/10/12 0.00
PoeTrader The Room Behind the Falls
A 'fish out of water' story where two brothers discover the secret behind Grapefruit Falls.
8/28/12 0.00
mperrett Separated by Eternity
The war against Giygas is over, and Jeff and Dr. Andonuts finally have a chance to reconcile...only to have it stolen from them.
8/7/12 0.00
mperrett Forgotten in the Darkness
Years after his confrontation with cosmic horror, Ness's youthful resilience erodes under the stresses of adulthood. In desperation, he searches for proof that his adventures were real, and not just a product of his questionable sanity.

Note: this is a revised, more polished update to the original story I submitted awhile ago.
8/4/12 0.00



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