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Phones Roar!
I love that pigmask.
12/1/08 0.00
PKPetalLove Living The Lonely Life
Lucas is slowly beginning to wonder who's really the dead one around here...
2/28/12 9.00
PoeTrader A Tale of Two Seeds
A story about how the sesame seeds met and what drove them apart.
6/24/12 0.00
PoeTrader The Egg and the Chicken
Witness the invention of the default favorite food in MOTHER 3 - omurice (aka omelet rice)!
11/5/12 0.00
PSI Dreamer END?
A short thing I typed up. This is written during the end of Mother 3
11/2/12 0.00
PSIcicle -A Boy and his Memories-
A bit of a "practice" fan-fiction, I suppose.

-Lucas has never really gotten over the tragedies that, even now, continue to plague him. Perhaps he just needs a chat with someone who understands?-
1/30/13 0.00
psirocker The Snowy Mountain.....fridge?
A fanfic on Mother3.

12/17/07 0.00



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