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Jackalope A Snowman Carol
This is me singing that little spirit-of-the-season song/poem I wrote.
12/22/08 0.00
Jovis Gentle Rain
Piano by Amstrauz

(submitting this again because apparently I submitted after it told me I did something wrong? :( )
7/18/12 0.00
JUSTiNB Song 018 - F-F-Fire! (Speedy Mix)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
A remix of song number 018 from Mother 3.
4/28/06 0.00
JUSTiNB Song 098 - Open Sesame Tofu! (Speedy Mix)
Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
It starts a little abruptly, so please don't crap yourself if you have your speakers/headphones up too loud, you've been warned!

Enjoy this MOTHER 3 remix :)
4/21/06 0.00



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