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This twisted thing will still make a huge crunch if it's only 1 year old


This twisted thing - Crossonts are twisted, just like your neck in about 3 seconds! ::walks over:: Com'on! I just wanna give you a hug!

will still make a huge crunch if it's only 1 year old - Ooo! Stale (possible moldy)! Now, if it was a year old, I'd probably shatter windows with THAT crunch!


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    YOU'RE ALL ON MY DINNER PLATE!!! And to those who got it wrong, I'll just save you for dessert. Gwahaha! Oh! Heres a Plo update. He apparently escaped through the garbage can by having PloBro chew a hole in it. I think he's running away from those arctic wolves I sent after him that just so happened to be in the area. Wait, did that come out right?... eh, I thinks so. NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!


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