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More than a little of Scaraba's ground, this semi cylindrical question will take you for-ev-er....for-ev-er....for-ev-er....

Sand Lot Bat

More than a little of Scaraba's ground - More than a little of sand? So, it must be a lot of sand, or sand lot! (score one for the dyslexic!)

this semi cylindrical question will take you - semi cylindrical. A cylinder is a tube not specifically hollow. A bat is pretty cylindrical, though the handle and narrowing neck of it makes it a cylindrical cone sphere oval. Or maybe I've been messing around in those 3D applications a bit too long. Hmmm...

for-ev-er....for-ev-er....for-ev-er.... - Some questions are hard. Some are Hard. but then, sometimes, there comes the HARD one. This one seemed to go even beyond that, so to add some sort of relief, to those of you who've ever seen the movie "The Sand Lot", you must remember the famous quote: for-ev-er....for-ev-er....for-ev-er.... Though you could have figured this out without that clue, we might have had even less than 3 winners. Heh, it probably confused the people who haven't ever seen the movie even more. Plo's twisted sense of humor..


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3 (now how bout' that?)

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  • AmzRigh
  • Zepheros
  • Pak-Man

  • Plo's Crazy Comments:

    ROCK ON!!! You three, along with ALL the other players RULE!!! That one was one'a spicy meat'a ball'a! Now heres some vexing verbatim for ya! Have fun, and remember! Don't think too hard on this one, or, at least not too close to my house, as we all know PHT makes a thermonuclear devastation in the ol' oblongata!


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