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Through a spent decade's temporal yield of inception, the end generation of warriors is summoned forth to battle their greatest enemies.

Final Starman

Through a spent decade's temporal yield of inception, - Woah, headache time! That basically means 10 years ago from the present.

the end generation of warriors - The 'end' or 'final' generation. There are several generations of Starmen, and the last one is the Final Starman.

is summoned forth to battle their greatest enemies. - The greatest enemies of the Starmen are Ness Paula Jeff and Poo! Bet you didn't see that one coming! ::looks at winners list:: Uh, okay maybe you did, heheh.


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    W0000000000000000000t!!!!!!! CONGRATS! EarthBound is BACK yo! I'm gonna preorder a preorder or something! Starmen.Net is getting crazy busy, crazy crazy crazy! CRAZY!!! YEAHOOO!! ::continues with serious jig::


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