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Although quiet, it adorns among glass.

Broken Jukebox at Jackie's Café, Abstract Art, Royal Iced Tea

Although quiet, - None of the three really make any noises. The Jukebox is busted, the art just confuses the crap out of you, and the tea is um... just chillin'.

it adorns among glass. - The Jukebox is pretty much just for decoration next to the wine bottles. The Abstract art is art behind glass. Finally, Radiation told me iced is also a synonym for quiet. Yes, in my face Radiation, in my face.


Days Posted: Sometime last week.
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  • Incoherent Moron
  • Radiation
  • LordManiMani

Plo's Crazy Comments:

HOORJ! I'm back on a regular updating regiment! Congrats to the 3 winners, each with a different answer. LordManiMani guessed the answer I meant to have, the Jukebox, but Radiation and Incoherent Moron both gave valid answers as well. Yay for vagueness ;D I didn't get the landslide of guesses I usually do, but that's probably because there were 2 stickied update posts on the new Mother 3 news above it. Oh well, maybe more people will find it this time :D Anyway, good luck and ROCK ON!!


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