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These two are the cutest I’m weak omg

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Fan Submission


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Fan Submission


Ness’s House by GBaby  

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Fan Submission


Crossover MOTHERTALE with the mighty Starman and the great papyrus!!!

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Fan Submission


As i love the Mother Series THAT much, and that i wanted to submit a fanart related to the MOTHER Theory that the Ghost of Starmen are actually the Starmen that Ninten defeated at Earthbound Begginings… i made this.

Well… sorry if is too bad, because it was made on MS Paint or that the art is horrible because i can’t draw Starmen correctly. But… i hope anyone like it!…

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Fan Submission


I recently got some prisma pencils. Decided to draw this up to test them out.

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Revisiting an old drawing for Mother 3’s 10th anniversary and for a meme. I’m a bit late but who cares.

Original for comparison:

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Fan Submission


I drew this about a week ago to celebrate MOTHER 3’s 10 year anniversary!

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Fan Submission


I personally think this turned out very…. AWESOME.

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Fan Submission


A smash bros thing I drew for our favourite tubby tyrant 🐽🐽

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Fan Submission


A sloppy Paula (that sounds sexual)

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A Little Announcement


In case you didn’t know, though we did revert back to the original front page format on the site, we will be resuming our tumblr as usual. We’ll still announce news and events here. Also, feel free to drop us submissions! Thank you!

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Fan Submission


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Introducing FG&P Monthly Highlight!


Every month we will highlight a new game that is actively being developed at FG&P! TragicManner will be reaching out to game creators and asking them questions about their projects and then sharing with you all what I learned about the process behind their project, why they decided to start making their game, and more!

Often times there are questions about a project that don’t really fit into the conversation that goes on in a game’s thread. Hopefully the highlights will provide some insights into projects that simply wouldn’t happen elsewhere.

July’s highlight is…

I’ve had a lot of fun watching Happup’s development. The first thing that really struck me about the project was the speech bubble that Punkkitt showed off a while back. Some of my favorite games involve systems of communicating to the player without actual text and dialogue, and I think that Happup, with its simple yet beautiful art style and iconic world design, has great potential for doing just this. Happup is a cool looking project that I think a lot of people are watching with keen interest.

- TragicManner

You can see TragicManner’s interview with Punkkitt as well as ask questions of your own here.

You can also check out the Happup thread here.

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Fanart: Fanwork Friday!


It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down, Starmen! How has your week been? I’m here this week to announce the new Fan/work winners!

This week’s Fanart of the Week winner goes to herrmichi for his adorable Ness’ Diary project!  

Though new to the forums, herrmichi came in swinging with Ness’ Diary. Though it only accounts the events up to Winters at this point, it definitely stands up and deserves this award. Not only is this series adorable, but it is very unique as well. I think MariettaRC perfectly summed it up.

“The art is so adorable, it’s perfect for something like this. It’s so innocent and child-like, it perfectly captures the adventure from Ness’ POV.”

I hope to see future installments! Enjoy your new badge, you have certainly earned it.

Remember to submit your Mother-related fanart/music for the chance to see your work featured!

Next up, Undertale Fanwork of the Week!

The winner of Undertale’s Fanwork of the Week goes to Lopuii for her truly stunning Undertale art.

What can be said other than these pieces are absolutely beautiful? There is so much detail and love placed in these drawing. Lopuii really captures the warm-hearted vibe of the game.

I am pleased to award Lopuii with this adorable badge:

You can check out more work from this talented artist here.

Remember, submit any and all Undertale pieces to the forum to qualify!

Now, please give it up to these amazing artist’s! Keep it up, guys! There is so much great stuff out there and it is so great to see the passion this community has to offer!

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The End...?


After a two year long stay at tumblr, the Starmen.Net front page has reverted to its former in-house version. Where does that leave this tumblr? We aren’t sure. For now, it is entering a hiatus, but it may see a return in some form. We thank you for your support over the years. If you have anything you’d like to say, please visit this forum topic and leave a comment. We’d appreciate any feedback on the Starmen.Net tumblr experience. If you’re a recent member, please also take a moment to answer a poll question about how you heard of us. Please note than any future submissions or messages sent to this account may not be answered. Until next time!

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Fan Submission


I finally got a Paula figure :D

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Earthbound 360° Video


LINK: Earthbound 360° Video

This is a 360° video! Watch on a phone or tablet using the YouTube app to get the best experience!
This began as just a 360° video test but I started to like the end result so I touched it up a little bit and decided to upload it. YouTube really killed the quality though, I guess 360° videos require more compression. It looks really sharp on my computer.

Music Earthbound - Home Sweet Home Orchestra by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra:

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Fan Video Submission


Nintendo Versus - Mewtwo v. Poo

Who will win?

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Fan Submission


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Awesomeness Combo Pack! Shirtness + Hatness + Howntownpins + the new PK Yomega, the Eagle Lander. The most popular combo pack EVER is BACK!Shirtness - $23


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