Episode 4 - Smaaaash!! Fighting Love

Last Week's Prompt:
What MOTHER elements (characters, stages, etc.) would you like to see in the new Super Smash Bros.?

You must recover! [TWEET]:

@AppAwk (Hp Boost) says:
@smnetmailbag What I would like to see is a non main character playable. Duster and Jeff come to mind due to their utilitarian skills/items.

@smnetmailbag Flying Man or Magypsie support characters would be cool, as would food items for recovery.

Guided missiles... Lovely. [TWEET]:

@j_spad3 (J_Spade) says:
@smnetmailbag I'd really like to see Jeff make a return to smash bros as his own character. He's a smart dude and doesn't afraid of anything

Bam! Bam! BambambambamBAM! [TWEET]:

@SwiftWaffles (Matthew Fudge) says:
@smnetmailbag I think Ness should have a new Final Smash in SSB4, like PSI Rockin'! It could just deal damage to all the players I suppose.

You can even shoot while jumping!:

Mercurial Magypsy says:

This is probably an obvious choice of many a fangirl/fanboy, but I think the Masked Man might be interesting as a playable character in the new Smash Bros. I think it would be pretty cool to see him hover with his jetpack when jumping, shooting his arm cannon, and firing intense bolts of lightning at the other characters.

I'll do it! I'm doing it!:

TheFado96 says:

Hi guys.
The question was: "who would you like to see in the next SBB?"
in my opinion, i always liked both ness and lucas and i would be very glad to see them again; with the same moveset 'cause they were quite good.
What i think that they could add is somone else other than mr.saturn on the assistants. examples: poo,duster,kumatora,paula (this one especially).
Unti/l next video, bye bye from Italy


Tofu responds:

Hehe, I've become accustomed to using Lucas myself, so I also hope he comes back (hopefully with a similar playstyle, but who knows?). Cheers from the United States! Say hi to Marcotto for me! italy's like, the size of new jersey or something right

Mailbag, why did you even come here?! [TWEET]:

@j_spad3 (J_Spade) says:
Dear @smnetmailbag, which location (in any of the mother games) would you most like to visit?


vid and Tofu respond:

Tofu says Saturn Valley. vid says Dalaam or Lumine Hall. All three of these choices are problematic; watch the video to see why we shouldn't write a travel brochure!

Come on, now! Where are you sticking that thing?:



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