Famicom - 20 Years of Precious Memories DVD:

Famicom - 20 Years of Precious Memories DVD

This DVD is jam packed with 20 years of Nintendo Famicon history.

Features on the DVD include:

- The best 100 Famicon games
- Interviews with people involved with the Famicon
- TV Commercials
- Game King Show (Takahashi expert VS Mouri expert 1986)
- BOSE (from the Famitsu Wave DVDs) review the Famicon's many game controllers
- Much more

Of course Mother is on the DVD. In fact its even on the cover! If you ever wanted to see how the Famicon did during its life time in Japan, this is the DVD to own.

Published by Enterbrian. Region 2 DVD (may not play on American DVD players).

Special thanks to KingDarian for providing some information.

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